RP Character Questions Thread - Elio & Sienna

Okay hi Sienna

  1. What happened to your brother?
  2. Thoughts about Amelia Grace?
  3. Thoughts about Paige Pierce?
  4. Thoughts about Enrique Montoya?
  5. Thoughts about Mason Mitchell?
  6. There are rumors going around that you and Mason broke up… is it true?
  7. Sex with Mason? Rank out of 10.
  8. If you weren’t dating mason, who out of the senior class would you want to sleep with?
  9. Best Montoya brother?


Great! I have so many new ideas and I also can’t wait for my clothes to be on their first runway show so very soon!

Nope, I am great on my own! I have my assistants and managers who do a great job behind the scenes too but design wise I’m all I need.

Annoying! Honestly, can’t stand either of the DeLoughrey twins…

Good looking guy I guess.

I’m as good as it gets I suppose. My favorite color is lime green and honestly, I don’t listen to a lot of bands so I couldn’t even tell you! My favorite song, we’ll you cant judge but I love myself some Taylor Swift. Our Song to be exact. In five years? Playing professional football for sure!

Why do you care? I don’t even know you. Red, everyone knows that. I could care less what the song is or band is, as long as it isn’t country music. I will have my line be a household name and probably expand my stores to multiple cities and I’ll most likely be living in New York with a house in the Hamptons

Mostly everyone.

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wow rude

your biggest pet peeve? - both

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She’s a nice girl and I don’t have bad blood with her.

Not that I know of but I guess if I ever get to that point I’lll let you know.

Yeah, we are friends and I could care less who my brother sleeps with. That’s his choice and I would rather not even think about it thanks.



Don’t worry about it.

Shopping but also journaling.

I really like Finding Nemo.




That’s dumb too.

Cute, yes! Im a Leo for a reason.

Inverting the Pyramid

I don’t read books.

Morning for sure, I mean I willingly wake up at 5 every day.

Night, please let me sleep in! I hate hearing Elio’s loud cars every morning!

Summer for sure!

Fall I think, the fashion is the best then.

Work out.

Traveling, even if it’s just a day trip.

I tan really easily.

I tan but it doesn’t last very long.

Sports and my family.

Family and my company.

When our mom and dad took us to Aspen when we were 7 and our brother was 4. It was the first time any of us had been to the mountains or even seen snow. Our dad taught us to ski and I remember drinking hot chocolate in the cabin every night. I have a picture we all took as a family in my wallet from then actually.

My mom took me to New York fashion week for the first time when I was 13 and I was in love from then on with fashion! She even got us backstage at some of the shows. I never wanted to be a model instead I want my clothes to be what everyone is wearing!

Easy, just like my dad, a football player.

At first I wanted to be a zoologist.

[quote=“CerealKiller, post:8, topic:24715”]
Do you like camping?
[/quote] Yes.

Frick NO!

Um maybe?

What type of question is this?



An hour before its due!

Two days early. I follow my schedule very closely.


God no.


Oh for sure!

Life is so unexpected and you never know what is going to happen next so make memories with those you love when you can!

Don’t take sh!t from anyone.

My dad.

Ralph Lauren or Carrie Bradshaw

No, but I’m always stuck in it.


Just for fun!

At every sporting event I’ve been to!

I don’t remember?


7-8, my brother definitely is better.

I’ll answer for the both of us! 10 years old and we got the entire Disney in Anaheim booked just for us, our family, and a few friends!

I already have quiet a few!

Maybe, not sure yet.

Neither of us have.

Yeah? Who hasn’t?

Are you dumb?

I don’t remember how old I was but her name was Jesslyn. I was back in San Fransisco and we went for a hike together before going back to my house to bake brownies. We watched Spongebob too that night I remember.

His name was Alex and we were 14. It was shortly after I moved to Beryl and we got froyo then he took me to mini-golf. It was cute but it was a one-time thing because he was so damn immature!

[quote=“CerealKiller, post:8, topic:24715”]
Do you usually make an effort to make a good first impression on dates? And in general?
[/quote] With the right girl, yes!

I always do with everything i do!

No, I dont think so?

This guy thought I wanted to go watch a documentary about football and just assumed i liked football because of my family ties!

Yes, I want a family and kids someday!

Maybe, we will see.


Hot, intelligent, tall, confident.

Not a problem.

I’m leaving.


Elio - :ghost:

Sienna - :money_mouth_face:

We both speak Italian also.


We both would say our brother, i know for a fact.

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1. My sisters friend so I like her.
2. Actually really cool.
3. Yep…not sure. Don’t trust him but he’s nice I guess.
4. Really nice!
5. Like him, not his brother!

2. who?
3. Sweetest boy!
4. Again, who?
5. I mean hot.

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[quote=“Kbail, post:11, topic:24715”]
If the world was filled with clones of you, how disastrous would it be?
[/quote] I just wouldn’t want that!

AMAZING!! I think this would be the greatest thing ever, for everyone!

People never dying.

Redoing a moment…



What the frack? first of all, this of none of your business and second, no :wink:

Jealousy issues.


My girlfriend.

I would do anything for those who mean something to me so yeah. If you don’t fall under that criteria you’d see things differently for sure.


[quote=“raviola, post:12, topic:24715”]
who are your biggest style inspirations? [/quote]

I’ve always looked to brands like Hermes, Givenchy, and Calvin Klein

Yes and no. I always had an interest but didn’t think about making a career out of it.

Always my mans

Sports are dumb.



I was always Elio.

Well at first, i was thought to be a boy so Mattia.

We may not agree on everything or always get along but our bond is extremely tight

Mateo! He is my best friend ever. Would do anything for that guy!

I guess, Laruel or VC

Lenora probably

I don’t

Take a guess, and its not me!

Definetly El.

Ricky says yes

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He passed away.

she doesn’t like me so yeah that’s all I got!

Please don’t get me in any more trouble here.


Don’t trust the guy but he’s dating my sister so

Was never my intention

I have a big place in my heart for her. I really…like her. She will always hold a place in my heart no matter what happens.

God no, probs Ricky.

Next question

Always 10.



Paige is offended

No more sex for you

He died.

Stick in the mud.

The girl who my brother was in the car with? Oh, she’s chill.

Good lay, 6.8 probably. passed the time at least but I don’t think his intellect is very high so I couldn’t talk to him much more than that!

No! he was just at dumb football camp.

Oh honey, wouldn’t you like to know!

Finn is fine, Altair is intriguing and I don’t know Frankie but he’s got a nice head of hair.

None! Okay, Raph is fine.


Basic af answer

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Both were! for a reason!!

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I know :crazy_face:

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did I answer them all!?!?!?

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  1. How’s ya brother die?
  2. Which one of you killed your brother?
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  1. How long is your hot dog?