RP Character Questions Thread - Enrique, Diego, & Raphael

look babe I never said you were the least attractive, I said hypothetically speaking … imagine if I said that. Never said you were the least or anything. Kinda funny how you said Pheobe needs to go back to pre-school because from the looks of it… you do too.

I would give you a nasty look but you already have one, anyways let’s continue this interview:

Person in Cerulean High you hate the most? and why?

Do you really think you’re all that?

Which girls in the school would you like to sleep with that you haven’t already slept with?

how attractive would you rate yourself on a scale from 1- 10

Why did you and the other boys make that list??? Wtf is wrong with y’all?

Do you really believe the girls on the list would like to sleep with you? Lol

Do you think you would win in a fight against each other?

What’s your body count?

How many newbees have you slept with?

How many fight have you gotten in?

if both of your brothers and you had a fight, who would be the first to go down.


thanks - phoebe


“Well why don’t you just stop speaking? That would just be music to my ears,”

“Thanks for calling me hot, even though we both knew that from te start”

“Honestly wouldn’t mind it. Having nap time every day sounds like a blast. But we all know Phoebe was never meant to be in our year, my question is who did she sleep with to get moved up. Maybe I should call Fin down and ask if his father has been having any recent affairs with students.”


So me talking annoys you? Got it, now I will never shut up :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Meh I just said you weren’t the least attractive because to be fair you’re a 2.5 and their some one’s in the school.

Good, because I’m pretty sure you’re as smart as a toddler, no offense though.

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“Aww, maybe if I gave a sh!t about what you thought, that would hurt…”

“Elio and do you really need an explanation about why that man is an ass?”

“… and more”

“Anyone I want to sleep with, I have. And If I haven’t, don’t worry your little head about it.”

“Sorry - what list? I have no idea what you’re talking about”

" What happened to being opposed to rankings like the ‘supposed’ one in the locker room? Sound’s a little hypocritical but if I must rank myself, let’s be honest, I’m at the top."

“If there was a list, I’m pretty sure I would have slept with most of the ones I wanted to sleep with. The other girls, well, are not exactly my taste. I have standards too.”

“Irrelevant because we would never fight”

“Wouldn’t you like to know.”

“What is this obsession with you and my sex life? I mean, if you’re so interested in messing around, you could just ask to join in,”

“That’s like asking how many times I’ve gotten detention. I’ve lost count,”

“Diego wouldn’t even fight, so it would probably be him because he’d walk away or be the mediator.,”


"Looks at someone in the room. “you got earplugs?’”

"Sure, whatever you have to keep telling yourself, kid. "

“No offense taken. I don’t listen to hormonal girls trying to get me worked up… unless it’s in bed. That’s a different story.”


To all:

  • Are you participating in Blue Royalty?
  • If so, how seriously are you willing to take it?
  • How confident are you in winning?

To Enrique and Raph (if either are playing I can’t remember):

  • How does it feel that your brother was a Blue Blood and not you?
  • Motivate you further to compete tasks?

@CerealKiller @Littlefeets @benitz786


“It is a competition isn’t it? And I’ve always been good at those”

“I don’t back down from a challenge”

“Why don’t you wait until the end when you can see my name on that list?”

“Good for him?”

"Nah, I’ll get to them. Don’t worry your pretty little head. "


meh you say that now but secretly you’re crying and blah blah because- Nah better not to say it.

I mean you know what they say if you keep telling yourself that maybe one day it might be true. Oh wait you don’t believe in all that


Doubt that but ok.

You know exactly what i’m talking about.

Well it’s wrong when it’s the girls because their beautiful and brilliant but it’s you we are talking about and it’s ok to do that when it’s you. Hope I cleared it up for you :+1:


Ok then hypothetically speaking if that happened?

Is that a 2? K

Yeah I will rather not die of laughter after seeing your d*ck


I can still annoy you without talking so ha that’s not really going to anything now?

Could say the same for you lad


Anyways, favorite thing about your brothers?

Favorite thing about yourself?

favorite 00s thing?


“You must think really damn highly about yourself if you think anything you say matters at all to me,”

“Wow you’re really obsessed with me, aren’t you?”

“believe what you want,”


All three:

  • Have you ever broken the law?
  • What’s the one thing people do that always gets under your skin?
  • What’s the strangest rumour you’ve heard about yourself?

Actually I do, but not as highly as you do of yourself. So you’re right about that.

you know that my love you burns great- Ok pukes I can’t do it, cut the camera.

Will do, will do.

Favorite activity to do?


“No, no I don’t… seems like you apparently know… are you sure you’re not making this hypothetical list you know so much about?”

“Again, I have absolutely no idea what this is about. Wish I did,”

“Depending on the day, either me or Raph”

laughs “Sure”

“I don’t think you’d be able to laugh after being presently shocked… but let’s be honest, I’m really not attracted to you.”


“There’s something called closing my eyes and pretending you don’t exist.”

“They’re… always there I guess. I don’t know.”

“Everything, sweetie.”

“How the hell am I supposed to know what happened in the 00s? We’re in 2039, that’s for old people” (Old people being our BR1 characters :sob:)


eyeroll i’m talking about the Football Rankings of the Female Student Body idiot.

Then why did you-

Oh wow thanks for telling me, will make sure to tell all my lovely friends about the truth.

That’s nice but did I ask?

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“More than once but we never get in trouble when our dad’s the chief of police and our mom’s the secretary of War”

“Keep bothering me when I tell them to leave me alone” shoots a look to @Kristi

“That me and my brothers are actually quintuplets but we ate our siblings in the womb”


“Thank god”

Sex all night


Wow thank god I know how to increase my annoying level to 10000%

Wow truly such brilliant words, you really need an award for those words. Anyways, which brother are you closer too?

Oh dear

Damn so you don’t look back at stuff or anything? Lame


Apart from that?