RP Character Questions Thread - Miles Corbin

If you had a superpower what would it be and why?

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Who do you share every secret with and look up to as a person?


Do you consider leaving LG forever?

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  • Favorite Season?

  • Worst date ever?

  • Favorite type of fish?

  • How many countries have you been to?

  • Which country was your favorite?

  • What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

  • How would you describe your handwriting?

  • One thing special about you?

  • What’s something that makes you feel basic?

  • How did your parents choose your name?

  • Your best male friend?

  • Your best female friend?

  • Fondest memory?

  • Scariest moment?

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Telekinesis. Because it’s super amazing.

Addy again.

Not anytime soon, but maybe at some point in my life


We went to a restaurant and she got a really really bad allergy attack, ended up at the hospital. Definitely an eventful night though.


Can’t recall a number, I like traveling in general so quite a lot

Australia probably .

Cookie dough

I was told it was surprisingly pretty

I don’t think I’m special, I’m just a regular guy. Someone else
could probably make something up though

Don’t think I understood the question

I was named after my grandfather Michael, but a bit different .

Henry I guess. He’s a homie.

There are many, it’s too hard to pick

S e c r e t


What do you feel is your worst quality?

Worst memory?

Least favorite time of year?

What was your worst breakup like?


How do you choose your friends?

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Opinion on TikTokers?


What do you think* of Minnie?

Like or dislike her?

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If you went viral on YouTube what would be the first thing you’d do?

Dogs or cats?



oh sorry i didnt mean to reply to that LKDLKFJAWDJF


@CerealKiller new questions can still come in until tomorrow for your character since I was a day late in creating the thread. (That way it’s a week same as everyone else)


Sorry I didn’t reply :pleading_face:

I hold grudges.



I think it was my breakup with Leilani. Overall neither of my breakups were alright really, they were always painful and all.

I don’t choose friends, they just happen.

I don’t really do TikToks but I don’t mind it.

goes and checks the spreadsheet

oop they don’t have a relationship

I don’t know her too well but she seems like a cool person.

depends what it’s about. But probably watch it

D O G S.

screams back


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