RP/SG Advertisement Thread!


@glxwingAngel and I are starting a new RP called Camp Seafare

This is a great RP for new and old RPers. There is no real plot/goal that you guys are trying to achieve, it’s more of a create your own drama and relationship kind of RP.

However, there are a few fun/unique elements that we think might spice things up a bit


My SG still needs more people before I can start! Anybody can join!

I’ve also got this RP that I’m hoping to get some life into so it can actually start. Even after/if it starts people will still be able to join.

I’d like to bring this other RP of mine back to life, but it could use some more active RPers!

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Hey @RPers! We have this amazing resource to help you bring in some additional RPers to your RPs and to help you find more RPs or SGs!

So please, advertise some of yours here and check out some of the ones others post!


JOIN Lime Grove Revamp // Sign Ups


If you’re interested in an SG, I’ve got one still looking for more characters!

If smaller RPs, with a more sinister feel, are more your thing, I’ve got one for you that starts next week, so come join while you can!

It’s almost Halloween, so what would be Halloween without zombies? This is a larger scale RP where you can join any time, featuring the survivors in a zombie apocalypse.


@phlegmatic - here’s the thread you might be looking for!


So I already created the RP but I wanted to try and get more signups LOL.

                             d̶e̶a̶t̶h̶ ̶i̶n̶ ̶d̶a̶r̶m̶e̶n̶

(general plot credit to the anime The Promised Neverland)

In the highschools of Belling, Aroma, and Richend, ten students on the day of May 2nd, 2021, were found dead and still many others missing. The news claimed the murders were all planned with each being it’s own unique way to go. This happened a lot. 10-30 ages 15-18 kids were taken and go missing for a very long time without a trace and always wounded up dead sooner or later or just never to be found again. For 20 years no one could figure out why what and who is doing this, it’s a cold case every time.

You and your family live in slight fear of this event a week or so after but it’s became downplayed.

Of what happened in the newspapers might just be remade in your name, but you don’t know that, you have lost all your memories and when you wake up, you don’t even know that. These teens so seemingly normal are taken and transferred here, wake up in an unfamiliar place learning to call it “home”. Living the way you do here will become your normal. Going nowhere but the other rooms and outside of very restricted and guarded areas will be all you know. But when you’re hinted to something more evil and terrifying that goes against all that you can remember, what will you do?

Note: This is my first RP so bear with me.

Rules of how their setting (location and basic lifestyle and the way it works will be written and learned about throughout my plot posts.

  • Tag me in RP signup- interested
  • Reserve character - male
  • Reserve character - female

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Hey! This thread is for new ideas only, if you want to advertise though, feel free to use the RP Advertisement Thread!


Link plz

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@phlegmatic, please read through the OP before posting on the thread, so you know where and what to post there. Here is where we promote our RP that have been created. So I moved your posts here.

Thank you for helping, @sunflower.flow and @novella!


Never knew this thread existed lol but yeah, thanks.

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More people needed for Mystifying rp!

Do you like mystery rp’s? Something that will keep your interest and even allows you to have your character adventure on your own or with others? I’m still looking for new people for my rp. It’s called mystifying and even though you’re limited to one area, there are a bunch of places to explore and a lots of secrets to discover. There is a lot of freedom in this rp but I will challenge you to a bunch of fun things

I promise you that this will be an rp worth trying out and that I won’t let you get bored easily,

If you’re interested please check it out.


𝔸 𝕋𝕙𝕣𝕚𝕝𝕝𝕖𝕣/ℙ𝕤𝕪𝕔𝕙𝕠𝕝𝕠𝕘𝕚𝕔𝕒𝕝 ℍ𝕠𝕣𝕣𝕠𝕣 𝕊𝔾

Strength. Skill. Resilience. Intelligence. Loyalty.

These five traits are what it takes to become a Crystalline Assassin. To become part of the most feared- and most respected- group of killers in the world.

But every story starts somewhere. And yours starts as a Glass Shard.

As a recruit to this fearsome organization, you’ll find yourself in a strange town, facing challenges that test each of these essential traits, ones that drive you to the edge of insanity and back, ones that both break and forge your moral compass. There’s no guarantee of survival- you’ll have to use every tool in your arsenal to get through this.

You’re either going to come out as a diamond…

…or shattered into a thousand pieces.

  • This is a revamped version of an old RP idea of mine, with new and improved Details™, Worldbuilding™, and Plot™
  • This is an amalgamation of a mystery and thriller RP, with some horror and action sprinkled in there. It toes the line in a lot of places, and deals with heavy topics, so if you don’t think you can handle that kind of stuff, please don’t join.
  • Though the plot will mainly revolve around the Glass Shards, the town itself has its own life… and its own mystery, if you so choose to explore it.
  • This will be semi-lit RP-wise, so detailed, 2+ paragraph posts will be expected in most places.
  • This RP will also have SG elements, with some challenges being narrated by me but decided upon by you.
  • Days will be split between challenges and days where your characters can interact and explore the town.
  • Characters will die. I recommend making at least two.



Welcome to Meraki Coast! It’s a beautiful location with lots of beaches and pleasantly hot weather, making a gorgeous tropical paradise. In this game show, you’ll be competing with several other people for the chance to win some spectacular prizes. Of course, it won’t always involve competition. The goal of this show is to meet new friends and have fun!

Don’t think it will be that easy though. Each participant can win prizes based on how well they do in challenges, and the one who does the best across all the challenges will win the grand prize! Of course, the other contestants aren’t going to make it that easy.

Along with the wonderful beach, there are many secrets that are on the island as well. Find these to escape off the island and win the audience over. Escaping the island is the main goal, but friends make that way easier don’t they?

One more thing before we go: romance isn’t allowed on the show, but if you’re willing to risk it… just make sure not to get caught.

So, are you in?

The RP will close on 2021-01-18T16:00:00Z, but there are still so few characters in so I’m just hoping more people would be interested by putting this up here. If you are interested, please follow this link!


Okay so I’m not sure where this kind of post would go, as it wouldn’t go under new ideas thread, maybe not this one, and if not I’ll delete and move it.

Sooo you may know the Blue Royalty RP, it’s been going for a while now and, though sign ups stay open, I understand why people would not want to join in the middle of it. But, it you were ever interested and didn’t join, I’m planning on making a sequel for it. It will probably be out in about a month (or, at least, the signup and general chat threads will be). Though at the moment, there has already been some planning for the sequel, character-wise.

I just wanted to come on here and let people know that if anyone’s interested in the sequel, you can head over to the Blue Royalty chat or PM me, so you can be involved in the preplanning of the sequel!


whats the sequel tho

Untitled but ye


13 eighteen to twenty-one year old girls from wherever move into an apartment for model training in beijing, china for a year. For most of them, this is the first time they live without their parents or a guardian, so it is a big gamble. Not only girl drama, but money management, urban danger, social networking in a corrupted industry, you name it. Will competition divide them, or will sorority save them?

plot ideas
  • definitely some romance between the girls, we love some flirty competition.
  • one of the girls who was supposedly helping the other girl is actually a sabotaging traitor
  • sponsors for the models who look after them, give them guidance, schoolgirl crushes.
  • grocery runs at 3am :pleading_face: not a plot thing but okay
  • stealing spots from eachother, whoever has the least gigs has the most house chores for motivation.
  • struggling with their body image can be a prominent thing
  • dealing with crappy managers of their business, harassment in the workplace
  • networking at charity events, talking with billionaires
  • culture conflict for those from outside of beijing, the world varies so much place to place.

Fashion week is two weeks out of the year of catwalks, however for rp purposes there can be one at the beginning of each season. The rp starts in winter.
There are eight types of modelling, models typically do all eight but you can have a specialty in either of the following: runway, fitness, commercial (catalogs and stuff like that), event/promotional (in person or online), lingerie (for da curvies), part (hands models, etc), fit (seamstress examples of various sizes), editorial (magizine covers, elaborate)
Fashion weeks happen in Milan, Paris, London, and New York. They will happen in that order starting from winter.
*Runway modelling has been opening up to shorter models
Models don’t need to do that much work in theory, but in practice there is alot that they learn. Some models may follow trend forecasting websites and organizations such as WGSN (for our overachiever chars :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:).
Either way they will learn taste and poise :sparkles:

diversity is encouraged an i have room for npc’s for fun!!

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Ohh, joining a RP where you plan something in it is much more fun, I think you all can agree, so if you need any help, as minor a help I can be, PM with what you think I could do. I could also help plan certain events and conflicts, and help create the FCs or just be one of the people in charge of updating the FCs considering the sign-ups are always open.

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Hey guys, Nil has decided to drop out and is cool with someone adopting the character. So would anyone like to adopt the character to continue the story and see if Yem can be successful?

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