RP/SG Advertisement Thread!


This is an RP that has is currently up, but has few active members.

This is the general idea of the RP. (Along with it being a quote leading to the sign-up thread.)

Here is the link to the actual thread as well.


I’ve been wanting a thread like this! I’d been thinking about making one of these!

This RP of mine could definitely use some more people to signup so it can finally start. I hope to see some of y’all interested and join!


Blue Royalty

Just recently opened the signups to everyone, if anyone is interested in joining!

Here is the link to the sign ups (;


P.E.A.K. Academy of Advanced Education

The RP started about 2 weeks ago, but it’s still on the first day. We could really get it moving if we had more active members ^^



Illea was built on the ashes of the former United States, which was destroyed after losing World War III to China. The resulting country (the American State of China) rebuffed an invasion from Russia which led the entire area of North America to be led by one man: George Illea. George declared himself king and Illea was born. Illea spans from the bottom tip of Central America all the way up to the northernmost parts of Canada. It is cut up into 18 provinces, some named after their old names (ex. Carolina is named after South and North Carolina) and some are more difficult to figure out.

After the war, a society was formed putting people in castes. Castes are what separates the different kinds of people and your social ranking in the world. Illea is divided up into 8 different castes. Once you are born into your caste, you are destined to your caste and the only way you can move is through marriage or through the selection.

Quick Summary

Pretty much there will be 18 girls competing for the Prince’s hand in marriage through The Selection. Think about this as a royal version of The Bachelor :joy:

The Sign Up Thread Is Open! Please read through it carefully (:


Rushmore Academy


Red Band Society Revamp

The rp has already started but almost no one is really active on it. Some new characters and rpers would be nice.


This is a 1x1 or Small Group RP I plan to start. Below is a link to the sign-ups. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask or post them on the sign-up thread.


This is a 1x1 small group RP that I have going. We are still in the early stages of the RP, and we’re open to having others join if they’re interested.

If you are interested, please like this post and/or notify me on the thread linked through the quoted post above.



Welcome to Fiore! The Kingdom of Fiore is one of the countries located on the Earth Land. Fiore is also the main country that holds some of the best and seemingly worst guilds known to any person or being alive. Fiore is a wonderful country currently ruled by King Toma E. Fiore soon to be Hisui E. Fiore- Which is why it’s being targeted by an ancient demon sorcerer named Vigor.

He once ruled Fiore with an iron fist, No one dared to over-throw nor step to him. All except one simple mage- A war commenced and Vigor was trapped in a deep slumber never to awaken again…But what happens when the same spell that trapped Vigor for eternity breaks and his decades of slumber come to an end. Vigor has now set his sights on ruling Fiore once more- But he’s far too powerful for the magic council or one guild to handle. By the order of the magic council every guild whether independent, dark and legal must set aside their differences and make a temporary bond to be rid of Vigor. Once they have succeeded everything can go back to normal… Right?

This roleplay is decently-advanced, A writing sample is required due to the details of this roleplay.

Are you interested?

  • Yes, Tag me!
  • Maybe, Tag Me!
  • No Thanks!
  • I’d like to help!

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Link: Fairy Tail: Guilds Unite! Sign Ups + Discussion

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My former Gotham RP is back up and running! Feel free to sign up :wink:


I could use some more male characters here!

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There can always be more RPers signing their characters up for a questions thread for the week!

And anybody can feel free to ask the characters currently in the spotlight some questions.


The Hideaway

I started it a few months ago (before we had a huge rper population), but I’d like to get more people involved.

I’ve quoted the premise of the RP here (it’s also the sign up thread)



I just made this a few days ago, but I’m trying to get as many people involved as I can! It is going to be a very fun RP, but if you don’t want to RP, you don’t actually have to (You can just help solve the puzzles in each room).

Pretty much you are taken to a house randomly, and have to find your way out and escape. I give riddles, clues, and different hints where you will have to work together to get through each room. The RP starts in a week, so you have plenty of time to sign up!
(more details on signup thread)


Here’s an advertisement for an Rp that has already started, but only a few posts have been made. New signups are welcome at any time!

Here’s an RP of mine that has not started. As of now there is still not enough characters to start, so more signups are always welcome!

Signups just opened in the last couple days for this one! I’d love to have as many people and characters join as possible!

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Currently the biggest RP with 27 members, and active friends that become family. You’ll have to take a writing test but you’ll probably make it, just believeeee. We always like to let people join in on our crazy fam. On Sunday the signups will close temporarily.


My signups for a new rp are up! We have a decent amount but not quite the goal! :heart: