RP/SG Pet Peeves

We all have things that drive us crazy, even in RPs and SGs. Whether it has to do the RP itself, certain posts, or other RPers, some things just bother us.

What are some of your pet peeves when it comes to RPs and SGs?



To be honest, I don’t know why but:

  1. When the conversation is short like 3 sentences; because then I have to find a way to continue the conversation without it being boring.
  2. When it takes more than 10 days to reply.
  3. When the conversation is just not flowing :joy:
  • when the fcs are asymmetrical, its not ixy friendly
  • when ppl’s posts describe jack sh!t like wtf is going on you little nbiarvbgird
  • when those personalized name block thingys are allowed like theyre all so different and distracting *covers eyes with hand * take it awayyyyyy
  • when the owner(s) speak impersonally LIKE DO U WANT US TO LEAVE, SELL THE DEAL! your ideas aren’t that great you aren’t some stone cold genius, be hospitable.

lookin a little hypocritical there quinn


I’ve seen some people post sign ups and NEVER post the RP Thread. Having an RP Slow down or go inactive in itself is common and at times expected. But I’ve literally seen owners post a sign up then dissappear for like 3 months.


Now, I feel conscientious Dx I’m sorry!

I understand that people just have their bad days of not having the motivation, or that they’re busy in real life; I, for one, experience those. But short replies and slow replies are just my pet peeves xD I mean, not to force people to write, because I don’t even have long posts. What I mean for short replies is that they’re literally just dialogue, no details whatsoever. I mean, I get that you may be a newbie but…



:flushed::flushed::flushed: agreed


A few of mine are when no one approaches your characters and just approaches the same ones, when a rp never continues and just ends, and when no one gives you enough context (or whatever the word is) to work with for the next reply, making it hard to continue the conversation.

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  • When I continuously have to keep conversation going and I get a response that I can’t really go off of.
  • Cliquey groups of RPers that only RP with the same 2- 3 people (idk~ I just like to spice things up)
  • When I have to rush to end a good conversation due to a time/activity change
  • Trying to figure out what to say in a conversation.

  • Not being approached.

  • Not being replied to.

  • When the thread dies but I still want to RP.

  • When there’s drama happening but I’m not in it.

  • When the starting dates get pushed back.

  • Trying to figure out what character to make.

Yeah it’s a lot :joy:


Character’s name banners with unreadable text, like why would you want to make a banner so people would have trouble figuring out your character’s name?

Also short posts, especially it’s even more annoying if it takes few days to respond and it’s short.

Rping with more than one person at same time. (In one rp)


Legally blind here. Please don’t do this…

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I just cannot stand one-liners or generally short posts like I’m sorry alskdkdj I need something to work with

Mostly because if you give me a one-liner I’ll likely have to respond in a one-liner and then a part of me just dies inside lmao


I sadly do that sometimes. I try not to.

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What do you mean?

The legally blind part?


Ah. Well, I can still see, but my left eye is 20\200, which is legally blind. Look it up if you need to. I know it probably sounds weird.

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I feel called out

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No- not you iron man

Your good in my books

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