SAW RP ~ sign-ups

TW: This whole RP is a trigger warning though I have tried to keep it pretty tame.
This solely depends on RPers with a certain amount of maturity.

The kidnapper (a sadistic sh!t) who will be played by me. He is the one who gives you instructions, creates and describes the traps, gives you your choices and sets the time limit before your untimely end. Your characters, who have all committed some kind of crime, will be trapped in a rooms. Most, if not all, are locked up somehow (handcuffed, ropes, bear traps, etc). You’ll be teamed up, in a way, as the kidnapper is suggesting you must choose to kill/harm each other for your freedom. Though, finding another way around it would be a good idea. The RP is over when either one person is left or the survivors escape (or perhaps both?). There is always a way to survive, so long as they accept their wrongs and are willing to change.

It is an RP but does have an element of SG to explain the traps and location and such! Since this is an RP/SG, it will be slightly slower than other RPs that start up. However, this is my baby and I will NOT be dropping this! I’ll be reading through it constantly and giving new information when needed.
You do have to be active - AT LEAST online ONCE or TWICE a week, please. Though not all characters are needed to start with, characters will be slowly added in.

This story started on EF and is COMPLETELY planned in terms of rooms/traps/clues and the layout of them. I even have three possible endings, assuming everyone survives.


Okay, so preferably one reserve per user, at least for now.
All characters MUST be 18+, though I would prefer that only one or two (or even none) be under 21.

So there are 12 characters in total. Ten of them each have a “trait” and a crime. Reserve one of each for your characters. I’ve also separated them into the rooms they start in.

*Room 2: *

  • Controller (Jane)

Room 3:

  • Controlled (Idiot)
  • Controlled (Lixie)

Room 1:

  • Pierced person (Chid)
  • Professional Athlete
  • Selfish Doctor (Sumana)
  • Extreme Nutritionist (Tina)
  • Number 5 (Brooke)

Room 4:

  • Lethargic Employee (Ouija)
  • Lethargic Employee

Room 5: (They do not need another crime)

  • Indirect Murderer (Ella)
  • Indirect Murderer (Angelic)

Crimes (choose one for rooms 1-4):
Identity theft
Money Laundering
Drug Trafficking
Abusive partner
Insensitive Blogger
Modern slave trader or Human Trafficker

Sign-up Form

Basic information starts in FCs, and then will be slowly added as the RP reveals it.


@unsungcheerio, @Littlefeets, @astralis, @OhSumana, @idiot.exe, @Kbail, @ethereal, @elixr, @Acorn06, @angelic, @duck, @Meekepeek, @Skyler2




Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Saw is here! Its finally here!!!

Ok, I want to go with something different from what I did last time, so ahhhh, let me think.


HEHEHEHE. Thought you’d be happy.

Good idea. Hmm… well, I could suggest something that I was thinking for either you or Chid…


I’m super excited!

Oooh I’ll gladly take a suggestion.


Well, number 5 is the one I was going to suggest to one of you two.
Though the Modern slave trader/Human Trafficker is going to be an interesting one too.


Number 5 could be interesting.

That one had caught my eye as well, but wasn’t certain which one it would fit best with.

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What do you suggest for me?

Hehehe. Nice. So you are claiming?

Hmm… what sorta character do you prefer RPing and how soon do you want to be in this RP?


Hmm, probably that immoral doctor. Ah, whenever. I might join, I might not. I’ll think on it.

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Umm…, ???

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I’m indecisive, unfortunately. What I mean, is that I’m thinking of joining.

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I think I’ll claim number 5

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We have to reserve a room and a crime, right? And the person in room 2 starts the soonest?


A person in one of the rooms and a crime, yes. Yes, they start first.


Okay, if you reserve you reserve. Though just so you know, once they’re 11 characters are reserved and taken, they’re gone and won’t be any more.

Awesome, all yours. (wink)

AYYYY WE LOVE TO SEEE IT :partying_face:

Heyehyehey suggest one for me, which do you think I should dooo?



How soon do you wanna start?

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I think imma join :eyes: now that I’m semi active

Okay just to get this straight, I need to reserve the character, crime AND room?

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