SCENT: A Superhero Police Story by Eleven_MA

Title: SCENT

Genre: Superhero, Mystery, Action, Science Fiction


‘Around the turn of the millennia, a fraction of the nineties’ kids developed powers beyond human limitations. Some used them in a responsible manner. Others abused them with impunity. Most were simply confused, so they turned to the modern mythology: The superheroes and supervillains.

'Now, two decades later, you get them around every corner: Vigilantes and criminals, costumed and plain-cloth, fighting for justice, ideals, vengeance and profits… And it’s my unfortunate job to keep them within the boundaries of the law.

'Welcome to the Empowered Crime Investigation Squad, a detective unit that keeps the super-powered chaos in check. Understaffed, underpaid and under-equipped, we stand between you and that costumed freak on a power trip. Considering what we’re up against, it’s an uphill battle.

‘The silver lining is: Not only heroes and villains have superpowers…’

CONTENT WARNING: This story contains scenes of violence, references to drug use and mildly obscene language. Recommended for readers aged 15 and older.

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I read the first two chapters of this story after having not touched wattpad for years and, wow, if this is what wattpad stories are like, clearly I need to give the app another chance.

This story is incredibly well-written and the descriptions are amazing—your use of imagery and metaphors were amazing and helped the reader to gain a deeper understanding of the story and its plot. You had many paragraphs that were just—mwah—outstanding in the way they created a visual picture in my mind and also the words they used.

I haven’t seen a take on superheroes like this before and I always enjoy reading concepts that are new to me. Also, your world-building in the first chapter was impeccable; you did a really good job of introducing the reader to the story without slamming them with a whole gunk of information.

I’ll most likely be reading the rest, as my interest has most certainly been piqued :wink:

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Thank you very much! I got an influx of comments on the first two chapters lately - would it happen to be you? :slight_smile:

I really can’t speak for the quality of WP stories as a whole. It’s… Varied, as everything else. Some of them are really amazing, some… Not so much :sweat_smile: From the top of my head, I can recommend:

  • Anything by @JaxCreation. Her most up-to-date story is Touch.
  • If you enjoy fairy tale retellings, Ballad of Silence and Wings.
  • For a good psychological read, The One Without Words. It presents itself as a romance story but, in reality, it’s a very astute dissection of dysfunctional family backgrounds, ostracism and living with disability.
  • For a bit of horror, The Folveshch. It’s short, easy and fun to read, too!
  • I’ve heard great things about The Sharded Blade, though I didn’t read it myself yet.

This is, again, not representative of WP as a whole, but it’s a good sample of the quality stories you can find there. Happy reading! :slight_smile:


Oui oui that’s probably me! :wink:

Oooh yes Jax has some great stories, I was reading her WIP, Taitenschild or something like that and I adoreeeee it so far!

Oooh thanks for the recommendations!! I appreciate it~

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Hey @Jessica.epi, have you read @Eleven_MA story?