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Let’s get down to business to defeat the Hun

You might be wondering, what is this? How can I join? Is this going to fail like all your other threads? ( gee thanks for your confidence in me :pensive: ) Are you even qualified to do this?


I have since discovered art school is useless and it’s better to learn art now then on my own than pay out of my pocket and go back to the prison known as school. And I’m fairly confident you all believe the same.

Here this is the Academy of self which means I’m not teaching you how to draw but I’m giving you the resources to learn how to draw. Which is even better. Here you will learn art basics from the great minds of Youtube Art Channels.

I can guarantee that if you stay throughout this academy which is updated daily in order for you to grow. By dedicating 2 - 20 (15 - 2.5 hours per day on average) hours per week we can whip ourselves to shape to be talented artists.

You will be given assignments, projects and tests in order to keep on learning an dgrowing in your art. And don’t groan or tell me you don’t have time because I’m not checking it. It’s a self thing you engage with. You can take all the lessons and skip the assignments or prompts I post (i don’t reccomend) or do one assignment every now and again or do all of them. It’s ALL up to you.

Now you’re wondering who the master is your learning from, it’s very simple. Your art peers. Not me (I’m just starting to draw) but the artists on pinterest, of your profile picture, etc. etc. You are not learning from me, you are learning from resources and studying from fellow artists. This is more of a self study group. We are growing together!!

Now what are we learning?

Semester One : Fundamentals of the Fundamentals of Art (aka the very very beginner)
we will be learning and studying-

  • Anatomy
  • Shape
  • Gesture
  • Perspective
  • Color
  • Value

Now before you come at me with: 'My art style is…", “This is so basic…”, “I’m already passed this stage…” lemme do quick Q&A

What do I need anatomy for? I do a cartoony art style

  • Before you mess with unique anatomy or self created anatomy styles you must learn basic human anatomy. once you learn basic human anatomy you can begin to alter it to fit your style. Anatomy is crucial.

I’m passed this point, what to do?

  • Review, study with us or just wait until we reach your level.

I don’t want to draw humans, are there are other lessons?

  • Just wait till we pass anatomy or add these lessons into your arsenal (:

Are you qualified / can we see your art?

  • No and no :sob: This is a study group, I will provide resources I find I am not teaching you but over time I will share my art and I hope you will too as you progress

What can I share on this thread?

  • Your art in response to prompts or lessons or resources I share, any growth, anything!! Feel free to fill up this thread but make sure it relates to art, art growth and art tips let’s ge tthis thing actibe

When does this start??

  • Today (:



Pre-Intro : Finding Inspiration and Style
Our very first thing to do is figure out what style you are trying to lean into, what artists motivate you and what art style you find interesting. So:

  1. Make a folder on drive or laptop or anywhere but have someplace to store it
  2. Save photos of art you like to it, whether you like the style or coloring or something, if you want your art to have elements of it add it
  3. Make sure you take note of the artist or style it is in (splash art, guweiz, etc.)
  4. Share your folder!! Put it in details and share here and discuss what you like about each art piece or what is a general thing you like amongst all of them.

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Fundamentals of Art 1 : Shape | Resources


Shape Homework

  • Download photos of your desired focus (if you wat to draw humans, download human photos, pets download pet photos, etc. etc.)

  • Outline and trace the core shapes (Circle, Square, Triangle, Sphere, Prism, Cone, etc.) and recognize them

  • Do this with multiple photos, breaking down the shapes, drawing them off paper. Draw the shapes in different positions, try to make them 3d and see them in different porportions

  • Recongize shapes in your everday life and take note


I don’t know what art style I am.

What I do know is, if I look at a picture I can draw it.

And I try using shapes to draw a horse just like a book showed me. I couldn’t do. I draw the finish horse without using shapes.

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More Shape Videos

u still doing this ani

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actually been studying on my own but willing to post and still do this (:

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