Seven Seas High 💫 Official Thread

Today is the first day teenage prodigy’s begin their studies with the one of a kind opportunity to study on board!
Today, Lucille sent the students to be picked up by jets in the morning, picking them up on the way to the ship. Nation by nation, saying goodbye to their parents to go on a long ride that arrives at the dock!

When they get onto the boat, Lucille will show them to the dorms and from there they can explore the main deck before getting ready for the evening induction ceremony before they can start school tomorrow.

Once starting school they will be able to perform on deck, and develop their abilities in different places at the stops the guests take around the world!
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As the jet appeared at the Blackwell residence, I was in my room getting ready, as I heard a knock on my door “Yes?” I replied and glanced at the door through the mirror as I saw the family’s maid come in ‘Are you ready darling? The jet plane is already in the parking lot’ She said
“I’ll be right there, go get Ivy she takes longer” I smirked as she went to annoy my sister instead of me.
I finished getting organized and headed down to the main floor, where my mother was waiting right beside our bags.
“Good morning ma” I said and took out my phone checking the time. Where the hell is Ivy?
“V!” I called out so she’ll hear me “come on!” I said with my arms crossed waiting for her to show up.

When I heard ben rushing me, I was still not fully ready, adjusting my hair and makeup. It is the first day, after all, the reputation has to be kept and everyone’s jaws needed to drop open as they see me walk into the school.
“In a minute!” I replied and finished getting ready, and took a last glance at the mirror “perfect” i smirked and headed down to the main floor.
“Good morning ma.” I said and blew a kiss at her “Ben” I added and turned heading directly towards the parking lot. “Come on, we don’t have all day” I exclaimed and snapped my fingers.
As I got outside, I saw the jet that came to take us to school. I turned around and noticed Ben and my mother we’re coming alongside the staff guy that handled my bags as Ben carried his own.

We arrived at the jet, and after putting all our stuff inside and saying goodbyes, we boarded up on the jet and headed out to the school.
It took a while but not too long before we got to the pier and the docks where the school ship was boarding.
We took our stuff and headed inside,
“Ms Willson” I greeted the principal with a light smile as she greeted us at the main entrance of the ship. “Looking amazing as always”
“Thank you, honey,” she said before showing them each to their dorm.

After showing us to our dorms, we each our stuff in the room. I took a glimpse in the mirror to check if the flight spoiled my look. “Still on fleek as always” I smirked before confidently walking out to the main deck.
Ben was there, so I went to stand with him, waiting for anything to start or for people to show up.

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I woke up and hopped in the shower. I got dressed and scanned my bag to see I didn’t forget anything.
I was excited about opening the school year because I liked it, but mostly because I could finally get out of this so-called home i was still stuck in.
Adam get out here! Your jet is outside and the noise is giving me a headache!
I slightly sighed and took my bag before heading out of my room.
I came out to the living room, and looking out the window I could see a jet parked in the street outside the building.
“Bye Mrs Johnson,” I said and went out an on to the Jet, taking off and heading to the school boarding dock.
As we arrived, I walked in and was greeted by the principal at the entrance “Good day Ms Wilson” I greeted her She asked about my wellbeing as she led me to my dorm room, I replied that I was alright.
As we arrived at the dorm I organized all my stuff and headed out to the main deck, where I saw some other students and a few teachers. “Good day Mr Petersen. I’m Adam” I greeted the teacher who was standing at the deck

“Hey Adam” I greeted him with a smile “please, you can call me Paul” I insisted
As a teacher, and as someone who lives farther away, I did my effort and arrived here at the ship rather earlier than most of the students, so I could be here when they start coming.
I liked my job here, it was very fulfilling and good for me. I’m glad I got here.
‘Sorry, Paul’ he said and slightly rubbed his arm
“Excited for the new year?” I asked him and crossed my arms
‘I am, I hope it will be good’ he replied with a light smile
“So do I” I agreed
“It was nice to see you, I’ll see you around?” I asked, he nodded. I waved him goodbye with a small smile before turning away and walking around the deck.

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Sierra has been on a plane one too many times, only flying first class but never experienced something like this. There were at least hundred thoughts running through her mind as she was looking through the small window playing with her dress; one of not so many she owns. Like: would other students like her? Would she click with someone right away? What if she doesn’t? What if the people she had to be the most with are shallow and mean? Would there be cute guys there? There definitely would, but how cute? Would they even like someone like her? Overthinking is what she is best at and no matter how excited she is about this experience she couldn’t help but feel anxious. Digging her nails into her palms as she nervously and unconsciously shook her leg she tried to calm herself down, letting her gaze wander around this small jet she was in; if she finds something interesting she might as well not think that much. First impressions is what she cares about the most, if she shows up looking her best there is a high chance people might thing she is worth their time. That’s not the best way to look at things but it’s hard for her to find friends when she not the one to approach someone first. She cares about her appearance, especially her hair but on days like this she likes to straighten it as she finds her wavy hair quite boring. Noticing they were slowly starting to land she took out a little mirror she always carries in her purse, checking her reflexion and quickly fixing her makeup, making sure her eyeliner is still in place before putting it back in her purse and shifting her gaze to the beautiful blue ocean beneath them.

Lucille seemed… nice? Her energy was something Sierra always adored and wanted to have. How nice would it be to do everything she’s doing now, to stand in front of all these kids and like it? That’s also the reason she disliked her at the same time; jealousy isn’t a sweet thing. She followed her to the dorms hoping to God she doesn’t have to share a room with someone. If there is something they should get on a ship that’s literally perfect than it’s their own room. But it looks like luck wasn’t on her side. She didn’t have a problem with sharing a room with someone, or it’s just something she tried to make herself believe so she doesn’t end up hating this whole experience. It’s not about the room, it’s about her roommate. It was making her more anxious than her thoughts back in the jet; what if she doesn’t like her roommate? What if her roommate hates her? After that she went to the deck, resting her elbows on the ship as she looked out at the ocean.

The whole flight to the ship was once in a lifetime experience for Beau. Growing up the way he did he never really got a chance to leave France if it’s not by train so the flight made him even more excited. As much as he wanted to be there he also wanted to get away from his new “family” and have some time to himself, far from everything that’s going on his life. At least it won’t feel like he is missing back at home. The whole time he was thinking about his dad and what he would do or say if he knew where he was going. He didn’t get a chance to visit him and talk to him in the past year; his mom did make it hard for him. He would be proud, that was for sure and it was one of the reason he was happy about his decision.

Upon arriving he ran his hands through his hair a few times just to fix it with the cockiest smile on his face. His confidence was showing a bit too much but he didn’t care about it, it will draw some attention to him and that’s something he can never say no to. One of his goals is to meet everyone and find his little group he can always be around the ship with so doing that as soon as possible was the best option. He didn’t try to put on something fancy, his style represents him in a way so the more laid back it is the more he feels comfortable. Putting his hands in his pockets he checked his room before going back to the deck in hopes to find someone to talk to. This will be amazing. Also the fact that he was sharing a room with someone was amazing, it didn’t bother him at all as long as they get along but the curfew thing? That was just ridiculous, it’s the time when they should all hang out together and it already looks like he won’t follow that rule.

If there is a person going to this school only because they want to improve then it’s Alex. No matter how much he was looking forward to it, the whole flight to the ship was rather exhausting. It takes a lot for him to have fun and be entertained and this definitely wasn’t one of those things. Always flying has become one of his least favorite things, the view was breathtaking but there was nothing more. With his back facing the tiny window he had his legs up on the seat next to him having his trusting sketchbook on his lap, taking this long flight as a chance to draw something. That’s what he usually does; he’d have his earphones in listening to some rock band and get lost in this leather sketcbook. He is not one of those people who care about leaving good impressions or looking their best and doing what everyone else is doing. His mom tried to convince him to wear something appropriate for this first day but he didn’t, he went with his usual choice just because he didn’t care about those things. Yes, he would like to have some friends there but it’s not something that’s first on his to-do list; finding the right people isn’t that easy and he’d like to take his time.

Arriving he politely greeted all the teachers and headmistress, checking out his dorm before going to the main deck with his hands in his pockets, just looking around. Resting his back against a wall he lit up his cig just looking at people arriving.

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The morning sun was shining through the jet window. I blinked a few times and woke up from my small nap. Normally I’m not that tired but I couldn’t get any sleep yesterday night. My mum arranged a goodbye-party for me and it went late into the night. But it was memorable and definitely worth my tiredness right now. I sat up and rubbed my eyes gently. The music from my earphones was still rushing into my ear. I pulled them out and placed them on my lap with my phone.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have just been cleared to land. Please make sure one last time your seat belt is securely fastened. The flight attendants are currently passing around the cabin to make a final compliance check and pick up any remaining cups and glasses…
I listened carefully as they made their landing announcement. I was excited, to say the least. I’ve been looking forward to this since I got accepted a month ago.

We landed a few minutes later. I exited the plane and took my luggage that was waiting for me in the Baggage Cart. I checked if every part of my luggage was complete.

It looked beautiful from the outside but I couldn’t wait until I was on the great ship.
Boarding the ship did take a little longer but before I could remember I was on it. It was beautiful and exactly how I imagined it to look like. I held onto my Backpack and walked past a few people.

The principal lead us to our individual dorms. I dropped all my luggage. “No time to arrange everything now. I will do that later.” I said and looked myself in the mirror to fix my hair. I looked around my dorm, it was cute and comfortable. But I will still change it up a little. I thought. I smiled and left the room to walk over to the deck.

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Noah :100:

I gazed out of the plane window. They just announced that the plane is about to land. I scrolled through my phone and looked at a picture of my now ex-girlfriend. We were inseparable before she cheated on me with my best friend. Even though I thought I couldn’t leave without her I’m feeling a lot better after the breakup. She wasn’t good for me and I realized that it just took a while. Her toxic behaviour made me feel like I did everything wrong. It had to happen so that I can realize what she really is. I stared at the picture and then pressed the delete button. Are you sure you want to delete this picture?
I waited a few seconds before pressing delete. I needed a new start and forget about what happened. To make that possible I needed to delete everything that reminds me about it.

The jet landed 10 minutes ago but I still waited outside to get my luggage. I already saw a few other students arriving. I grabbed my luggage and started to walk towards the ship.

The ship was quite impressive inside and out. I went through my hair and sighed.
So this is going to be my new home. I thought with a smirk on my face. There were people rushing past me, students, families and crew members.

I entered the dorm after the principal has kindly shown us. I dropped off my luggage on my bed and looked around.
“Fancy.” I said looking around.
I went through my hair one last time before I made my way over to the deck.

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:gem: Leila Anderson :gem:

This is it!! I finished dressing up and went down to the kitchen where my uncle was. He looked proud of me. If only my mum could have seen this moment.
I adjusted the dress I was wearing and sighed. I needed some kind of reassurance.

‘You look great kiddo.’ My uncle said with a smile on his face.
‘And remember to just be yourself, it’s what your mother would have wanted, oh and don’t forget those judo lessons.’ He winked.
I laughed. My uncle was like my best friend.
‘I’ll miss you!’ I hugged him.
‘I’ll miss you too now hurry up, the jet isn’t going to wait forever.’ He laughed.
I chuckled and left. I got a taxi to the airport and anxiously walked towards the jet. I was nervous.

Time flew by and I had already reached the new school.
A bunch of people were surrounding me. I can be myself. It’s not that hard. I thought.

I introduced myself to the principal and was showed to where my dorm was.

It felt so surreal.

Maybe I should check out this place though. I walked to the main deck and examined the area. It was beautiful.



Aryn Blue Mercer

She sat in the car, which was parked in the parking lot outside of the docks. Part of her knew this what just her parents trying to help her. But it was also their way of getting rid of them.

“Come on. You’re going to be late.” Her father looked at her through the mirror. Though Aryn Blue just sat there, looking at her phone. “Ary-”

“I heard you.” She said, looing directly at him before getting out of the car. He attempted to say goodbye, but it was cut off when the door was shut. Aryn went to the back of the car, getting her bags out and heading up to the docks. Not once looking back to him.

“Let’s hope this place isn’t too much trouble.” She sighed, fisting her right hand and walking onto the ship. Mostly ignoring those around her. Her priority at the moment included finding somewhere to sign in.

ORP- Approachable.

Erik Marshal-Sarah

Erik walked lnto the ship, dragging along his luggage and other bags. It may have seemed like a lot, because it was. But it was everything he needed. Luckily, he knew where his dorms were from there, and didn’t hesitate to drop everything off.

Walking back onto the main deck, he thought it’d be a good time to explore. Get to know the place he’d be living on…or in for the next few months.

ORP- Approachable.


I woke up with a jet engine humming outside of my window. You would then understand the weird glances I received form our neighbours. My god, I was so excited to get out of this place and away from these people. Don’t get me wrong, it’s truly beautiful, the landscape and the people are some what friendly - it’s just too much of one thing gets sickly.
We landed eventually and the minute my dorm room held the company of just me, I threw myself on the bed. “Mmm comfy” I mumbled. I then got changed into some random clothes and made my way onto the main deck.
I looked about; I should probably go and introduce myself, possibly make some friends. Some looked friendly, some not so much however I walked up to this one guy. He had tattoos and a cigarette in between his fingers.
“Hello I’m Lova.” I say with a fresh smile.

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@astxrism - Alex


:green_heart: Ray :green_heart:

Oh my god I was so anxious to get there. I kinda couldn’t sit still, wanting to wiggle my arms a bit in my jet seat.

This morning when the jet came to pick me up, I had no problem struttin tf out. Not literally, I was a little worried about what my family would say and everything but it wasn’t a big deal to my mother. I hugged her lightly, she patted my back and it felt cold but I couldn’t do anything about it. Then I went to shake Jayden’s hand hesitantly and headed out. Giving the door a bit of a dirty look as it shut.

But, now I couldn’t be happier, beneath me was the ocean view as I made my way to my dream school. In the process of getting in I learned to really embrace cooking, a part of myself that I had left out accidentally when I tried to be more pleasurable for my mom. Getting caught in trying to do better in school, I lost my passion. Now I am excited to have it back.

When the jet landed I gulped. Nervous for this new beginning although I knew I would probably immediately make a friend or two. I took my one suitcase and walked onto the ramp.
The headmistress seemed a little bit bittersweet as she led us to our dorms. Oh no, my personal space? Gone to be shared with Ben Blackwell, okay honey. No going to the opposite sex dorms past nine? Well I guess I probably won’t see the majority of my friend, Hm, I wonder if Ben is cute. The thought snapped out of my head when we continued out to the main deck after setting our suitcases down. I looked around for a second, does he look like ben? When all of a sudden that didn’t matter when I saw a pretty blond over on the seats at the edge of the boat. Beneath the roof of what looked like a room without walls that had game tables. Looking at him I smiled effortlessly and said “Hi” leaning with my hands on the pool table facing him at an angle.
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Noah :100:

I arrived at the deck and already saw a few people gathering together. I looked over to a guy who was standing there with someone who seemed to be his sister. It won’t hurt to make a friend before school starts. He seemed cool and someone you could hang out. I had a feeling we would get along pretty easily.
“Yo!” I shouted while walking towards him with a smirk.
“I’m Noah.” I introduced myself while presenting my fist to fist bump him.

@CerealKiller - Ben


:kiss: Lex Morgan :kiss:

The plane ride was exhausting. I hated staying in the plane for so long. Crying babies, argumentative couples, and the blaring music of some teenager was keeping me awake. It was hard to not go up to them and tell them to stick it up the other end. Sadly, I promised my father that I wouldn’t get into trouble- though, I knew that I would probably end up doing the exact opposite.

After the plane

“Yes, are you done?” I asked, speaking into my phone. My father was going on about something and I wasn’t paying attention at all- Instead, lighting a cigarette and putting it between my lips. He always lectured me on what to do and not to do. Be good, Lexi. Don’t get into trouble. It was heartwarming that he cared, but did he really have to be such a pest? “Be safe, and use protection-” I groaned at that and ended the call, shoving my phone into my pocket. The smell of salt and sounds of birds were clogging up my senses. I was going to be on a ship for a long time. With rules, and regulations… It all made it very hard to be myself. I would never be held back from that, though. Who did you think I was? I entered the dock with my bags in hand, looking around at all of the people with an amused smirk. This would be fun. Once I had gotten my dorm room situated, I went to the main deck, curious to see what was happening.

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:sparkles: Harry Moore :sparkles:

I stayed to myself on the plane ride, watching a few cooking videos on my phone. They were always so satisfying. I couldn’t help but wonder how my time here would be. Would I make friends? Girlfriends? How would my cooking skills improve? I missed my band back home, though. My mates were all upset when I left. I hated just leaving and not getting a replacement. Maybe I could start a band here too, eh?

Grabbing my bags, I walked along the dock, entering the ship. There were a few people already here. Giving them a polite smile, I put my sunglasses onto my face, covering my eyes from the sun. This was nothing like England. I was shortly directed to my room to get situated and everything. Once I came back to the main deck, I watched and waited for the ceremony to start.




For a second he shifted his gaze to the other side where he could see the ocean. It was beautiful he had to admit that, definitely worthy of his time. He never doubted his decision, this is the place he wanted to be at and he will do his best to take advantage of everything. Playing with the cigarette in his hand he heard a cute voice next to him, with an accent he couldn’t quite recognize. Looking over at the girl he almost rolled his eyes at how posh she looked. Here we go with all the preppy, annoying girls. He thought for a second before actually letting himself look at her property. His judgment might be wrong and what not but she was pretty. “Good for you.” He said with a chuckle, taking a drag of his cig before putting on a weak smile not wanting to sound like a jerk. It wasn’t meant in a mean way anyway, it was sarcastic but people don’t get it sometimes. “Alexander.” He quickly added not showing more emotions, that smile was enough for him to show he wasn’t really interested in small talks. “Or Alex. Where are you from?” It didn’t sound that enthusiastic but maybe he was actually interested, well she will never know. “Your accents is… interesting.” He simply added, shrugging his shoulders as he made it sound like he didn’t think like that at all.

@deadrat - Lova


Ivy and I were standing in the deck looking around at the people showing up, this is going to be interesting I thought to myself
I turned as I noticed a guy approach me, he looked like a nice dude.
“Ben” I introduced myself back, “nice to meet you man,” I said first bumped him
“That’s my sister Ivy” I pointed at Ivy and introduced her too
‘hey’ she smirked
“So what’s up, where’d you come from?” I asked


I was so anxious to be travelling away from home, it’s always been quite a close neck community but at the same time in was so excited to just be myself and be surrounded by others like me.
The Jet ride was surprisingly not shaky however my nerves were. The jet landed and I knew that I couldn’t turn back from here and I had to go forth. After going to my dorm and sorting out a bag of mine, making sure everything was neat, I got changed and made my way up.
I was just standing on the main deck near a few game tables when someone came up to me.
He flashed a smile and it was somewhat captivating, I just couldn’t figure out how he did it so effortlessly.
“Hi” I say back in reply, trying to match his tone. “I’m Harrison.” I let out my hand for him to shake. If all boys in this school are this attractive then I will be drowning in eye candy.

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My dorm wasn’t too far away from the main deck. A lot of students have already arrived and were chatting. There were students younger than me, older than me and the same age as me. I looked over to a girl who had dirty blonde hair. She also had a few tattoos on both of her arms. Her sense of style was very unique and I liked it. I walked over to her to introduce myself.
“Hey. I’m Ileara and you?” I said.



My skin stuck uncomfortably to the plush leather seat of the car as the view outside changed from city to town to finally the glistening turquoise blue sea. The last few hours flew by with my final bittersweet goodbyes to everyone at home and the surprisingly fancy jet trip.

The car stopped abruptly as I look out the window to see the domineering ship, dwarfing everything in comparison. I say thank you to the driver and haul my suitcase, being especially careful with my camera. The familiar smell of the sea hits me all at once, and for once since I left home I feel a sense of tranquillity. I get out my carefully folded map and look for my dorm room. It’s cosier than I expected but still managing to keep a touch of luxury. I drop off everything and go outside to the main deck for some fresh air. I pull out my phone and mindlessly scroll


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Noah :100:

His name was Ben. He introduced me to his sister that was standing beside him. She goes by the name Ivy.
‘hey’ I winked and looked back at Ben.
"I’m from London. The UK if you aren’t good in Geography. " I said with a smirk.
There seemed to be a lot of people from around the world. That’s one of the things I liked about this. Different people, different personalities.
“What about you, mate?” I asked.



Good for you
He let out a chuckle and it was so alluring. Of course, he was attractive -you could tell from a distance- but it was so much better up close. His tattoos looked so intricate and fit him well, however I told myself to not look for long. He’s the exact representation of what everyone back home advised me to avoid.
The way he spoke opposed the words he said. “Interesting? That’s one way to put it. Well, ‘Alex’. I’m from Norway.” I let my eyes wander about his face, his jaw line was sharp enough to cut me. “I’m guessing by your accent, you are American. If I am correct.”


:kiss: Lex Morgan :kiss:

Just as I pulled my cig out of my mouth, letting out a puff, a girl approached me. Her style was cute. I gave her a small smile as I let my eyes scan hers.
“Hey. I’m Ileara and you?”
I took one last hit from my cigarette and smushed the burning end, tossing it into the trash. I needed that. Especially today. I was stressed and it definitely took the edge off. “Alexis, but you can call me Lex.” I told her with a sweet smile. It would probably be smart to make friends here. “What are you here for?” I asked, raising my brow lightly.



I was used to riding on airplanes but usually I was on a private jet so sharing a plan with other people wasn’t very ideal to me. Not that I minded just wasn’t used to it. Luckily there weren’t any young kids on the flight who decided to cry or be loud so I slept for most of it. When I wasn’t sleeping I watched some movie that they had playing on the screen in front of me. It was about a husband and wife and the wife lost her memory. The husband had to try and remind her of everything and win her back. It was cute but a little too cliche for me.

I got to the dock and pulled my suitcase behind me. I also had on a Michael Kors back pack which held my computer, headphones and those type of things. Made them more easily accessible. I walked up the ramp and onto the ship. My parents had decided for me to come to this school in hopes that my schooling would be more consistent. I was always home schooled by different teachers or tutors depending where we were living at the time. I have never been to a real school before though so I was pretty excited. I wondered if there would be dances and homecoming. You know, the stuff you see in teenage movies. I soon found my room and put my stuff down before wanting to go and explore the ship to get my bearings. There was a boy also walking around with a set of sunglasses on. He was tall and had brown hair. He didn’t look super muscular but that didn’t matter to me. Actually I sort of had a type for tall and lanky. I smiled as I walked up to him confidently. “I’m Caelynn.” I had a slight Brazilian accent when I spoke. “Good thing I don’t get sea sick, otherwise this would be a bad idea.” I said to him with a little laugh. “What’s your name?”

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