Share the last thing you watched online

Recently I’ve been watching soooo many things online because I need to listen to something in the background while I’m working on my projects and the last thing I watched was Normal people!

What about you, @ScreenSloths ?
Here you can share the last thing you watched online!


Big mouth lol

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Glass Mask. Korean daily drama


Moriarty the Patriot


I like netflix tv shows Dark and Stranger Things. I started using vpn for apple to get access to the US Netflix content. Now I can watch my favorite shows from every corner of the globe. Plus it provides a high level of security. Useful app these days.


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The 100

Started watching Taxi Driver on Netflix yesterday. Its actually quite enjoyable. Sortof a Korean cross between The Equaliser and Hustle/Leverage.

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I finished it. 🥹

Flames of Desire

Cells at work

I’m quite enjoying Motherland (on Netflix) as my light relief at the moment.