Share traditional Christmas Carols of your country!

The title is pretty self-explanatory. Share your country’s Christmas Carols!


Added some tags. :dizzy:

Some neighbors are literally playing traditional Christmas carols of my country right now as I’m typing this :joy_cat:

They’re called ‘villancicos’.

So, here:

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We have a lot in my country but I’ll just share a few but their not necessarily Christmas carols, but it’s more focused on parang-ing, dancing and having a good time :eyes::dizzy:

This one has a very nice beat to dance to

And also this one

Ouii I’ve heard this one already :partying_face:

I couldn’t listen to the second one because it said video unavailable :confused:

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Oh, let me edit it… it’s probably blocked in certain countries.


It’s working now :star_struck:

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Old king Cole?
Silent night
We wish u a merry Christmas

imagine having Christmas carols in your country


There are many ones here, but these ones are probably the most well-known ones.

During Christmas Eve at a my family go to church but due to COVID-19 love feast was canceled.
But during the candlelight o morning star I nearly burned my hands.

Here the song to sing if you heard it before

I don’t think Canada has any so called “traditional” Christmas carols? I mean we use all the mainstream ones I believe

Austria has some very weird traditional Christmas Carols but they are so old that barely anyone knows them. Most people just sing the German version of mainstream Christmas Carols :sweat_smile:

@Music Can you share any traditional Christmas Carols from your country?


Nothing different here in New Zealand, we just have the same mainstream ones.

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