Share your backgrounds and overlays!

If you’ve made any backgrounds and overlays for your stories, you can share them here for people to use.
Make sure that you include your credit details in case you want to be credited!
If you want to use mine, you can credit: @/episodemarianna on Instagram

Note: Please only upload backgrounds that you either made entirely by yourself, or royalty-free / Episode backgrounds that you edited. Some creators do not like their backgrounds being posted anywhere except for their drives, so keep that in mind before uploading a background that another user created.

Here’s an office with five desks and a matching overlay so your characters can be behind the desks:

Cafe exterior:

Chapter title:

Phone call:


Funeral wake:

Cafe interior:


Ooh I like this idea! I’ve got several different things that I can put here. These are all edited by me and use either episode backgrounds or stock photos.

Romance-HeartPointer Romance-NoButton Romance-YesButton
tealarrow gears Choices-LimitedButton Choices-NoButton Choices-AllButton Audio-OffButton Audio-OnButton Audio-HeadphonesPointer


You all are so talented and I am sitting here crying because I don’t know how to start on Ibis Paint X.


Here’s some edits I did with Episode backgrounds some years ago,

If used, you can credit me @/nocturnal.writes on Instagram.