Share your Characters' outfits for a ball or dance

And your character is invited. But the question is, what are they wearing?

Make sure to think of the type of party it is as well because to a high school prom you wear something else than a royalmasquerade ball.

@RPers what kind of outfits would your character wear?


For FTD I already have their dresses/suit

For br2: Tsumuji - something white, Ari- something red, Adonis - black suit, Nevaeh - something unexpected

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Regan from my 1x1 rp has worn clothes like these:

school party


business party of a fashion designer who made the dress

summer beach party

And this will be her wedding dress and bridesmaids dress

And the reason for it is that her fiancé had given her a cup of coffee on one of their first dates with an art that was exactly the same.


If course it depends on the type of event and the dress code for said event. Who they would be there with could also be a factor. If they were going to an event with a date, they may be more likely to take their date’s outfit into account in dressing similarly to them. Each character of mine could wear such different options depending on the reason, and depending on those around them.

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