Share Your Work

This is a little different from the Critique Thread. This is for those who are feeling either insecure or maybe a little bad about work they’ve done. This is a place to share without the expectation of receiving Critique. I will say, though, one thing to think about would be posting here and then on the Critique Thread when you’re comfortable enough to do so.

This is not a place for people comfortable enough for the Critique Thread who simply want easy praise. Similarly, praise given should be highlighting good points of a piece in a helpful manner, try to avoid mindless praise for the sake of praise. Thank you!


Ugh, yes. Recently I started to like and dislike the story I’m working on…


It happens. As Shannii said (and has a post about if you’re interested) sometimes you hate your story.

But my point stands. It’s really not as bad as you think!



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So excited to share my art!

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By all means! I’ll probably be sharing here too, though I’ll mostly be putting stuff on the critiques thread. If you feel confident enough you should give that a try! I can flex my art feedback muscles a bit :grin:

I’m excited to see your work!

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This is an art piece I did for fun a few months back. Pretty new to the whole realistic idea. :upside_down_face: I really don’t know how to do eyes.


Ooo I really like the idea for sure.

The mane melding into the edges is really cool

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Realism is hard. It takes a hell of a lot of practice, especially animals so keep it up :grin:

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Thanks a lot…this is not a good piece of mine. :grimacing:

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I know a cool idea when I see it, and this isn’t the criticism thread remember :wink:

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I’m just gonna drop this here and back slowing into the shadows :see_no_evil::blossom:

Full transparency - I used a hairstyle outline off of pintrest but as a reference only

Edit: Re-size pic


I do like purple :eyes:

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Just made this–


Can’t draw for scrap so might as well share an edit.

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You know. I actually kinda got an aged up Clementine vibe for it :thinking:

I may just really love her design, but that was my initial response, haha

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Omg you know about the Walking Dead series?! And yeah, I do kinda look like her in the edit. :rofl: Once you pointed it out.

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Do I know about telltale Walking Dead >.> I played that shit when it was brand new and broken as hell

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I love watching people play it! :heart:

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So this is a poster thing I’m making for my friend, and I absolutely hate it. It’s crooked on the bottom, it doesn’t line up right—it just sucks.


Ngl, it looks a lot better irl than it does in the picture, but it still sucks