Should Episode release the hidden Ink assets?

Episode has certain assets that exist for the Ink style but aren’t available for use by community authors. Seeing as they’re no longer updating the Ink style, should they release these hidden assets? What do you think?


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Yes, there’s no point keeping them

I mean, I think they’ve said before that the reason they don’t release this kind of stuff is cuz it doesn’t really work properly.

The what? I don’t know what this is.

Hidden Ink stuff, like they have some unreleased animations and clothes :eyes:

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Is this like from the Episode stories they create?

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Oui, they’re in some of the Ink featured stories but aren’t available for community authors

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Ah… so are they still making ink assets and Episode Ink stories?

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Nope, they stopped updating it in like 2018 :thinking: but a year after they discontinued it, they made a featured version of an Ink story so that was rad :star_struck: I haven’t heard of any Ink story being featured since then, though

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SIGH! They should release them then.


Well reason that they don’t is that the ink assets I think are like broken/just can’t be released.

" Unfortunately we can’t give you everything that has ever been made for Ink. There are certain pieces in the catalog that we just aren’t able to release and they fall into three general categories:

  1. Any item that was ever in a gem choice has to stay restricted.
  2. Anything that was created as a part of a celebrity likeness or specifically for an IP story (Demi, Mean Girls, Clueless, PLL, Dolan Twins, etc) has to stay restricted due to the terms of the agreements we had in order to make those stories.
  3. Some items we make never really work correctly (the male athletic body and face are examples) and can’t be released because they can break your story, cause crashes or generally give readers a bad time."
    Apparently they already released everything that they could
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Oh, okay. Well, at least they actually gave legit reasoning for it then.

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