Should people take a test to become parents?

This is quite a controversial topic and in all honesty I think my answer is a no.

It’d make having a baby reserved to only the people who passed the test which could put certain people at a disadvantage despite the fact they may turn out to be good parents. Especially if the test isn’t made to be accessible or you have to pay alot of money to take it.

I’m aware that while having sex and getting pregnant is something that can be done for free, actually having the baby and raising the child is expensive, but that doesn’t suddenly mean a test can prove whether or not you can afford to raise the baby.

There are also people who would be smart enough to just lie on the test, I assume the test would be about being a parent right? Because if it’s an IQ test then those are weird and problematic.

While there are things you may not know until you actually become a parent there are some obvious right and wrongs that people can tick the right box with.

Potential abusive parents aren’t just going to out themselves on a test unless they seriously don’t think what they’re doing is wrong. You also can’t become an abusive parent until you become a parent. I don’t know what the actual solution is but I think a test wouldn’t actually help.

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What do you guys think?


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Could you explain your answer?

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I think people should take a test to become parents…
I have a lot of reasons but I’m too lazy and will prolly write 'em later ~

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That’s just… I don’t know. I simply don’t like the idea of that. No. They should not. I don’t really have a reason why I’m saying no, it just seems wrong to me. But that’s only my opinion

As you said

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Yeah that’s fair :joy: before I’d even thought of my answer I was just thinking of ways the test could be made biased or exploited so that certain people can become parents whether they’d actually be good parents or not. I just don’t think it’s a good idea.

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A test like that would be so relative like… seems like it would easily become eugenics

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I think what I mean here is that when taking the test they may know the right answers but actually as parents they might be negligent/abusive.

Idk, how would you even control that? Like what would happen to the children whose parents don’t pass the test? Or would people who don’t pass be forced to get an abortion?

I still feel like there should be more support for new parents tho, so maybe a guide or some free classes and therapy sessions should be given to them when they have their first baby? That would probably work better than a test because it’s probably easy to cheat on a test like that.

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I super agree with this, education good we like education

I think ethically and in fairness, the answer is no, however, in joking honesty, I think that some people in the world should not be parents… so kinda yeah…

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No but then again, people who want to become foster parents have to be checked out before they do it, so maybe we could have a similar thing?

But the government shouldn’t like mandate who gets to have kids lol that’d be ridiculous.


I think evaluation SHOULD be done. That it should be seen as more vital. I mean, the tests I’d think they would need to take to earn their “parent license” is psychological ones, situational ones. I think parenting classes should be mandatory.

It should be lenient but also strict. It’s all situational when it comes to the parent but still, there is possible ways to make tests that are reliable to determine if a person is allowed to become a parent.

There’s already so many issues when it comes to how children grow up with so much baggage because of their parents not being able to fulfill the kids’ needs, so good and effective ways to prevent kids growing up like that, is something we should be working on figuring out with coming up with.

Tbh this is on my mind too because like
How could it be controlled?
Would we just ban people from having sex because even with protection there’s still a tiny percent of a chance you can get pregnant?
Or would we remove people’s ability to get pregnant/get people pregnant until the day they passed the test?
Like, both of those just seem to be regulating what people do with their body.

So imagine somebody is already pregnant, they fail the test or aren’t able to take it for whatever reason, what happens then? Does the baby get taken away the moment it comes out? Because they used to do that with women who weren’t married. It was highly traumatising for many single mothers.

I definitely believe more education should be given to new parents, there are already certain classes and where I’m from with babies nurses do come to your house to make sure everything is okay.

With that said I’m fully aware that a test may reduce certain abusive parents but then I keep thinking but what if the abuse starts after the baby is born despite the test.

Because to an extent I don’t believe abuse is only caused by a lack of education, it’s extremely known that you shouldn’t hit children or neglect them altogether. Educating new parents about other kinds of abuse could help them be stopped but again, giving classes and education is different from a test.

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At that point, they should just spend the money they would spend to enforce the test on reforming Child Protective Services so a kid under bad conditions doesn’t have to choose between stuff like abuse or an extremely broken system