Should the government be able to ban apps such as Tik Tok?

I’m pretty sure the government was planning to ban Tik Tok but never actually did due to some privacy issue with China. Do you think they actually should ban it? Have you ever heard of this happening somewhere else? @Discussions


I don’t see why it “needs” to be banned.

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Yeah, exactly.

I mean I see no need for them to ban it but I wouldn’t cry/be sad/be angry if they ban tiktok because I never liked the app :woman_shrugging:

but again no

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unless it poses a serious threat or issue with the safety of the people, there should be no reason that the government wants to ban tiktok. trump just doesn’t like it because he’s the most hated man on that platform. the company of tiktok has tried multiple times to negotiate with the government, but they kept rejecting or ignoring each time, and now suddenly they want to ban it? it’s just random and absurd. they’re just butthurt that a lot of people speak out against trump, that’s all

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No, TikTok isn’t hurting ppl

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I agreee

It’s banned in India…


Well, damn.

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its already banned in India :skull:
not in our country

but they shouldnt ban bcz tiktok is a realllly useful app. even tho i dont use it at all but look at some people grow through it like Lyn Lapid the gurl got talent

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Its already banned here :grinning::woman_playing_handball:
But hoenstly idrc whEther its banned or not sm because i didnt use it before tooototoottoto

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I used to have it when it was known as ‘Musically’.

Should the government be able to ban apps in general? Yes, if those apps contain content which is genuinely harmful.

You could argue TikTok does contain harmful videos and content and the moderation over there is terrible meaning it doesn’t get taken down quickly or at all in some cases.

But that wasn’t the reason the government wanted to ban it, it was because of cyber security worries about China and privacy. I don’t know much about this or why it wasn’t actually banned or whatever.

But if we’re asking if the government should be able to ban apps like TikTok then sure but they should be absolutely 100% transparent about their reasons why and those reasons should be assessed by multiple professionals.