Should Wattpad stories be text-based or have drawings/images added to them?

What is your opinion on this?
Do you think Wattpad stories should be like real novels, with only text, or do you think that since there is an option to add images, authors who love visual elements should be encouraged to make their Wattpad stories a little more like a visual novel if they wish?


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Text based. Images are annoying, especially animated ones. I once started reading a story that had an animated image every couple paragraphs. The story was good, but it was too annoying, so I quit reading. I did message the author and politely told her how annoying it is and I got a semi rude reply. If someone feels a need for images, one at the beginning of the chapter is far better.

I think it depends on what story it is. For some stories, maybe fantasy stories, it can be great! But I don’t think it’s necessary

I don’t think it’s necessary. It might be interesting with some stories but no