Should We Add a "Who's Online" Plugin?

I was considering adding a plugin that tells you who’s online on the forums.

Is this something you’d be interested in? Or would you rather keep yourself incognito?

  • Add the plugin!
  • Nah. I prefer things as they are.

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Share your opinions below!


Would it be possible to add a option to decide whether you want to have the notification that you’re online?


That’s a very good question! I’ll find out!

It seems that the guy who made the plugin hasn’t had time to make a feature to allow you to appear offline yet :roll_eyes:

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Tbh I’m 50/50 about this

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That makes sense! It’s not on my priority list of plugins I’m gonna add the next time I do maintenance on the site, but I thought I’d let everyone vote! Cake day is next, along with a fix so that people can use coloured text etc!


Yaaaay cake day :cake::cake::cake::cake::cake::cake::cupcake::cupcake::cupcake::cupcake::cupcake::cupcake:

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Closed because we got Whos Online :smiley: