Should You Censor Swear Words?

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There are going to be a few announcement threads today, so please bear with me!

I know that there has been a little bit of confusion when it comes to censorship on the Forums for things like swear words and hate speech. So, I thought I would clear a few things up.

Are We Allowed to Swear?

Well, strictly speaking, you are not allowed to swear on the General Forum. This is for the sake of keeping things PG-13 and advertiser-friendly! We aren’t trying to silence you or annoy you. It’s just to make sure the Forums stay consistent.

In the Restricted Section, though, you are free to swear like a sailor! You just need to unlock it either with money or by winning it and be an adult. Also, we can’t stop you from swearing in PMs without violating your privacy massively. So, just make sure that everyone in the PM is comfortable with the words you use. If they aren’t, they are free to flag in a mod and we will deal with it.

What Can We Do Instead of Swearing?

You may use asterisks (*) or other symbols in place of letters of the swear word. You’re allowed to say “f**k” or “$h!t” if you want. That is fine! As long as we don’t see the actual swear word. You’re also allowed to use made up or substitute words for swear words. I personally really like “Oh Fish” because I’m an Indian who loves Om Shanti Om :joy:

What About Hate Speech?

For the most part, hate speech is usually only allowed when quoting another person or when a character in a story or RP says it. In those cases, it must be portrayed as a bad thing and most of them still need to be censored. For example, never say the N-word on the Forums without censorship. If it will make it difficult to understand and you need to use the word in your quote for the sake of clarity, make sure that you blur it.

How Do I Know If a Word is Bad?

That’s where our wonderful @ForumStaff team comes in! We have put together a list of words on the Forums and how we deal with them on Google Sheets. We are also open to adding any new ones as time goes on!

Please be considerate of others and make sure to censor your swear words. It still has the same effect even if you have to replace a letter for an asterisk!





Legit I replayed the scene 10 times just to heart it and laugh at it again and again. Wait, you’re Indian?

Do we have to blur the swear word even if we use it like ‘F^ck’?

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It’s the best thing ever xD

I am half Indian! I speak Gujarati fluently :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope! swear words can just have letters replaced by symbols and be fine! Blurring it doesn’t do much for advertisers, to be honest, as it just shows up to computers as the word with [spoiler] around it. So we only ask that people blur hate speech if they have to actually type it for clarity so that people who may find hate speech distressing don’t have to see it! With swear words, though, symbols are enough


Ahh good to know :joy: I’m a bengali

Okay, i got it. Thanks for clearing the confusion :+1:


That’s what I say :flushed:


Oh fish


It’s oddly refreshing to see someone putting British terms on this kind of list :thinking:


The creator is British :wink::heart::uk:


Oh yes, I did know that.

I had a real 'omg this person understands my pain’ moment when I read the “British English v. American English” bit in the forum rules :joy: It saddens me that it even has to be explained.

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Me: opens the swear words list and sees a bunch of unknown swear words

What the actual fish! :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:


A little question, arse and ass do not need to be censored?


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I see… Although I’d swear I saw Loogie censor it on one of chococarmela’s posts… :thinking:Anyway, thanks for the info

Possibly before we agreed this list? Things were a bit confusing then


Ah yes my favorite swear word, Boomer


:joy: boomers have been calling it a slur


one boomer went as far as to compare it to the nword :woman_facepalming:


Probably, no worries, I was just confused

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