Should you credit the authors of popular books?

I think if you are writing about an author’s work then you should credit them no matter what. It’s the same as using another artist’s images for your story in Episode. Though if you are just mentioning the work but not actively using it in your story then you don’t have to credit them. This is totally different for art though but that is for another thread altogether. The reason I say this about the second part is that if we credited everyone single person in anything we did then the audience would lose the point of your story because it becomes overshadowed by the bigger author. You should always reference other authors if you are making a blog post, writing an essay, or making a research book that helps other writers to learn how to write.

Should you credit authors of popular books? Why?

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Yeah cos not everyone is gonna know them or the quote

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I think, when crediting, nothing else matters but the fact that they are the original creator of it. So, yes, of course, you need to credit them even if they are really popular.

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I definitely agree with this.

Crediting is always important when you are writing. It just depends on what you are writing.