Should you write your characters to make people care about them?

As a reader, I prefer to read about main characters that I care about. But I think there are also many people who would enjoy reading about characters that they don’t care about? Maybe if the villain is the main character, you wouldn’t care that much about them but it could still be a good story.

So, as a writer, I wonder if I should always write my characters to make people care about them?


Depends on the kind of audience you want to attract.


if your readers dont care for your charaters they are badly written.

there is big difference between a charatere you like, and one you think is a good person. example so many people love darth vader. amazing charatere. we all know that he is the villain, likeing a charatere isn’t the same as agree with what their doing.

a reader should care about the characters if not they are badly written.


Yes! Lol I’ve cared about so many villain characters! I can’t read a story if I don’t care about the MC unless I’m reading it to laugh or something…


Not always, no. The readers do find it easier to associate to when they can relate to them, and often that means they fall for or care about the characters too. Though a hated character is just as good, so long as they’re not two dimensional.

What do you think, @phlegmatic?

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Hmm, good question. Wonder why you asked me specifically… :blush::thinking:

I’d say I agree with my past self. It does depend on the audience. And it depends on the story as well. I think it’s vital to make the characters 3-dimensional so it includes humanizing everyone and giving them “flaws” (ways they might not act in their right mind).

When you write a book, the characters can be important, but so is the message, the meaning, the main idea, as an English major might put it. I think you shouldn’t only make a character to please readers, but to please your own self, and to bring some emotion, some philosophy, some inner peace.

Idk how much sense I’m making but, what I’m basically trying to say is, you don’t have to try and make them likeable, but make them relatable, realistic. You never know who actually will like the characters anyways. :man_shrugging:

At this point my brain is too hyper focused on all the possibilities of this kind of question to where I can’t give an exact opinion or answer. It can go many ways.


HAHAHA. Have you not seen the patron thread?

You’re making sense to me and I pretty much agree with what you’re saying. (wink)

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I think making people care about a character doesn’t always mean making them likable. You could make a villain with absolutely no redeeming qualities and people could still care about the character because they’re invested/interested in what he’s doing as well as his mindset.

Making a character that people don’t care about to me means that it’s just a boring character. So yeah, you should make readers care for your characters.

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It depends. If it’s an unlikable character, then yes,but not as much. Likable? Still yes.

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