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I’ve created a roleplay very similar to this in the past, if any of you recognize the premise

empty town

It’s a seemingly normal morning in the sleepy town of Glimmerbrook. Parents are dropping their kids off at school to then head in to the bigger neighboring city for work, the children are catching up with their friends while barely listening to their teachers. Everything is normal. Boring even …

Until everyone above the age of twenty start violently shaking, as if they’re all having seizures. They’re met with concerned stares from everyone else, but those stares soon turn into panicked screams when those shaking people disappear into thin air. They leave no trace behind. It’s as if they were never there at all.

This leaves the children and teenagers to completely fend for themselves. But how will they ever manage to survive in a world without adults? Will they ever be able to figure out what actually happened to everyone?

The only thing that seems clear to them - is that they have to find some way to all get along. Because surviving is nearly impossible, if you’re doing it alone.

Summary of how this will work

When you sign up, you will choose from different groups that your character will later get sorted into: Craftsman, Protector, Forager or Carer. There will be limited amounts of members in each group, to insure everything is covered. More information about this can be found further down.

In the sign up form, there will also be an option to have a more prominent role in the over-all story. For instance, to become a leader for the children, or an opposition to the leader, … or someone who has the ability to sometimes see and talk to the adults. These roles really need to fall into “the right hands”, though, (meaning, someone who is always active, doesn’t start drama, etc.) and won’t be given away to just anyone.

To ensure that the roleplay moves forward, there will be time-skips every now and then and also a vague pre-planned storyline the roleplay will follow. Most elements of this story will be made known from the start, while others will be revealed as we go. More information about this can be found further down.


* I would really prefer if you read everything in this first post, as it explains a lot of things that might confuse people. If you ever have any questions about anything, please let me know!

* Do NOT start drama in the chat with other roleplayers. This can easily happen, since our plot is one where drama and conflict is inevitable. But I cannot stress enough that you need to keep that drama in the roleplay and make sure that both parts are comfortable with how it is approached. It’s just a roleplay people, don’t start actual fights about it!

* Do not sign up/reserve if you don’t plan on submitting your character at most one week after reserving.

* Once the roleplay starts, you need to post at least four times a week!

* Don’t do anything that would stray too much from the pre-planned story. If you want your character to do something drastic (like start a revolution or something) you have to check with me first so we can come up with a solution for how this can happen in a way that works with the plot.

* Do not include scenes that are too violent or too sexual in your posts.

* If you sign up as two characters, they have to be of different genders, so it’s more even.



Do you find putting things like furniture, motorized vehicles, or even little trinkets, together? Then you might belong to the craftsmen! Tasked with building, repairing and repurposing, the craftsmen make sure that the technical side of things run as smoothly as possible.

Will do things like build houses and furniture or repair things when needed.


Does injustice anger you? Do you want to make sure the people around you are as safe as possible? Then you might belong to the protectors! Their job is to insure the peace and safety of the community.

Will work as a police force and sometimes a fire brigade.


Do you like caring for children? Do you feel sympathetic for the ill? Does the sight of blood not scare you? Then you might belong to the carers! The carers’ calling in life is to help the sick, weak and young.

Will care for the sick and/or hurt, and also make sure the young members of the community are properly cared for.


Are you weirdly good at finding things? Do you prefer to be outdoors? Are people amazed by your patience? Then you might belong to the foragers!

Will make sure there is always food on the table, either by raiding abandoned grocery stores or growing/hunting food.

All groups will be regulated by The Four. Information about The Four can be found further down.


As previously mentioned, there will be a few roles available that are extra important for the plot. These characters aren’t necessarily more important than anyone else’s, they just require more responsibility from people in charge of them. There are different requirements for each of these roles.

More roles might be added later on.

The Leader

This character will act as the leader for the community for the first couple of weeks. This position can be given to someone else later on.

This character’s owner needs to …

  • Be active at least every other day.
  • Send in an approved example of their writing in the sign-up form.
  • At all times keep an open conversation with me about their next move regarding the community in the roleplay.
  • Not instigate any unnecessary drama.
The Opposer

This character will disagree with the leader and want to take the power for themselves. This position can be given to someone else later on. This is a rather complicated role to have, and requires great skill, patience and above all - calmness.

This character’s owner needs to …

  • Be active at least four times a week.
  • Send in an approved example of their writing in the sign-up form.
  • At all times keep an open conversation with me about their next move regarding the community in the roleplay.
  • Not instigate any unnecessary drama. Extra important for this role
The Four

This will be a kind of jury that consists of four members of each group. They will democratically come up with solutions to any problems the community might have, along with the leader. To start off, one of my characters will be one of these four, so I can set the tone for how I’d want the group to work. But as the roleplay moves on, that won’t be necessary.

These characters’ owners need to …

  • Be active at least four times a week.
  • At all times keep an open conversation with me about their next move regarding the community in the roleplay.
  • Not instigate any unnecessary drama.
The Seers

These two characters will soon discover that they have been given a very special gift. They can see the adults. But only sometimes, and only in blurry visions that are awakened by other events. Their abilities will be discovered during the roleplay. The full extent of their abilities and why they have this gift will be made known to the owners of these characters right away, but will be revealed to other roleplayers later.

These characters’ owners need to …

  • Be active at least every other day.
  • Send in an approved example of their writing in the sign-up form.
  • At all times keep an open conversation with me about their next move regarding the community in the roleplay.
  • Not instigate any unnecessary drama.


For this roleplay to work, there needs to be some guidelines for what will happen in it. Some are more immediate, while others can happen later on the roleplay. The different events can take up different amounts of time, and might intertwine sometimes. There’s no real stress to get any of them going.

Most Relevant Events

These are written in order.

  • All humans over the age of 20 disappear.

  • The children/teenagers who are left understand that they need to stick together to survive.

  • The groups are formed.

  • The leader and the four are ”chosen” (although they will have already been revealed to all roleplayers beforehand).

  • The opposer subtly makes it known that they are displeased with the leader.

  • The groups start doing their tasks and finding out how to approach them.

  • One of the seers discovers their gift and tells everyone about it. Some people start trying to figure out what it is, why they have it and how they can use it.

  • A mysterious sickness affects many in the community and results in some people not being able to carry out their tasks.

  • The opposer makes it known that they think that the leader is handling this problem wrong and challenges them to a re-election.

  • The other seer discovers their gift, but keeps it hidden.

  • One of the members is able to find a cure to the sickness.

  • Most people are no longer sick, but the disapproval for the current leader still exists among some in the community.

  • A re-election is organized.

  • The first seer gets a message from one of the adults that says that they need to leave the place they’ve made home as it’s dangerous, and they will die if they stay there.

  • The different sides in the election disagree on whether they should believe the seer and leave, or not believe them and stay. [spolier]Which side thinks what can be decided later.[/center]

  • The community choses whether to stay or leave, and then picks whichever leader agrees with the decision they agree with.

Future Events

These are not written in order, and can happen at any time after the other events have been done.

  • The community finds out there is another group of young people that have also survived. The two groups soon become enemies and the other group kidnaps one of the seers after learning about their gift.

  • Some people join the other community.

  • A war starts between the two communities.

  • This war ends (or is at least put on pause) when the other community’s leader’s sibling gets the same sickness the first community had before. They therefore need to call a truce to get access to the antidote.

  • There is now peace between the two communities, and it is decided that the two should join forces in order to survive, but some still don’t trust one another.

  • More will be added as we go ….


To start with, there will be two spots available in each group. These need to be of different genders. All spots must be filled until more are added.







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Ooh added a few tags

Mmmm not sure if I can keep up with the activity things but I might reserve later


I would like to reserve one female craftsmen and male carer

Can I reserve a female forager please


Completely understandable! :blush:




Oh, wait! There is actually already a female craftsman right now. Another one might be added later on. Do you want to wait for that or change it to a protector or carer?

I can wait for that. I don’t know if I’m blind or not but I can’t find the sing up form

Oh, I haven’t created one yet! I’ll get on that shortly. :sunglasses:

The sign-up form is now up and running! :partying_face:

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Can I reserve a male?

Sure, in which group?

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I’ll decided as soon as I read through it … today it’s very late and I was on a date and out with friends since 12 in the morning till 12 in the night withouth a trip home so I’m a bit tired

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I will love to reserve one female carer please

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Can I reserve one female forager?

Reserve a male carer and a female protector please

  • How long has it been since the disappearances?
  • At what age do they reproduce…?

Yes, everyone’s been added!

We’ll start the roleplay right as the disappearances are happening.

That won’t be the main focus for a long time, since they’ll pretty much only be concerned about surviving first. They’re also all pretty young. If the roleplay goes on for longer or if we make a big time-skip at some point, that could become more of an issue.

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how abut knowledge? Shouldn’t there be a few people that raid the libraries and educate people on the correct way to make and do things? Like if a person who is strong decides to be the protector and there’s possibility of wildlife approaching and things like that, don’t they need to be taught how to protect themselves against each animal and what to do? For instance I bet most people wouldn’t know that under a bear attack you have to pretend to be dead, or when a poisonous snake bites you that you mustn’t suck out the poison because that does more damage than good?
Or when it comes to the protectors who might not know old but effective ways to heal that were changed due to the arrival in technology? For instance I bet the protectors wouldn’t know how to make penicillin themselves and wouldn’t want to be entrusted with something so time consumming. Or I bet they wouldn’t know that instead some pills, people could use ginger for nausea of motion sickness. They could also educate people on how to grow certain plants and crops so they would grow to their potential instead of getting bad crops and wondering why withouth bothering to get the answer.
And many more uses for each one of the groups

All valid points! I might make a group like that later on, but I think I’m satisfied with the groups as they are right now. You can absolutely make characters that have that type of knowledge or that wants to find out more about those types of things, but are placed in other groups at the start of the roleplay. They can make themselves useful in a lot of different ways, that way.

The way I’ve planned the storyline, there will be some sort of change to the community later on, so maybe the addition of that group could be one of the changes?

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Can you tell me, with the dissapearance of all the adults with the ages of 20 and up, do the people in this town still have things like internet and electricity or do they have to revert back to surviving like in the years before those discoveries? Also can they not leave the town and tell somebody about the dissapearances or?