Smart people names

Anyone else think it’s weird something of the smartest people, both fictional and real, have the same or similar names?

Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hillenburg
Stephen Strange
Steven Spielberg



Well my sister is a Stephanie and she’s lowkey dumb
Don’t add ie to your names smart stephans


i mean sure cos their parents raised them similarly or sum sh!t

do you think she’d be smarter if your mother named her stephan tho :thinking:

No she’s doomed

smart people names: debunked :sunglasses:

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Sheldon. :boom::dna:


There was a Stephen in my ICELT certification class (it’s a Cambridge certification for teachers), and I guess he was pretty smart… he became the principal of the high school where he was working.

I’ve had students named Esteban that were average, though… and an aunt named Estefanía. She was a very nice person, but I don’t know if she was book smart because I don’t remember my mom mentioning anything about it.

Lmao :joy:

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I feel like Harry is :star_struck: