Song suggestions!

Here’s a thread to just suggest some songs! Sometimes I know need some song suggestions, so it would be good to have a thread like this to go to!

I’m going to make a post that you can edit right below this. I’ll have some genres of music and then you can put the title of the song and the artist(s) below the genre! I’ll also have some categories about what the song is about (like confidence, romance, etc) so you can add a song more than once if it fits several categories! Also, feel free to add a category of your own!


Please format your song suggestions this way:
Song title- Artist(s)
And if you can, hyperlink the song with a link to the song on YouTube! If there are songs that aren’t hyperlinked, I’ll try to go and hyperlink them myself, but I can’t promise. If you don’t know which category a song would go in, just ask! You can also add categories.



Wheels on the bus - Melanie Martinez
Sunflower - Post Malone


I miss the misery - Halestorm
Cut the cord - Shinedown
Sweet Things - The Pretty Reckless
Kick me - Sleeping With Sirens
Prayers - In this moment
The walls are closing in/hangman - The Pretty Reckless
Ignorance - Paramore
Anxiety - Palaye Royale
It never ends - Bring me the horizon
R U Mine - Arctic monkeys
Numb - Linkin Park
Roots - In This Moment
Sweet and Low - Augustana


Meant to be yours - Heathers nightcore
Candy Store - Heathers
Dead Girl Walking - Heathers
Breathe - In the Heights
It Won’t Be Long Now - In the Heights
96,000 - In the Heights
It Roars - Mean Girls
What’s Wrong with Me? - Mean Girls
Someone Gets Hurt - Mean Girls
World Burn - Mean Girls
I’d Rather Be Me - Mean Girls
Hamilton (I can’t be bothered to list all the good songs here man just listen to Satisfied and the rest of the album okay)
Don’t Lose Ur Head - SIX
All You Wanna Do - SIX
I Don’t Need Your Love - SIX
In - Carrie
Carrie - Carrie
The World According to Chris - Carrie
More than Survive - Be More Chill
I Love Play Rehearsal - Be More Chill
Do You Wanna Ride? - Be More Chill
A Guy That I’d Kinda Be into - Be More Chill
Michael in the Bathroom - Be More Chill
Voices in My Head - Be More Chill
Waving Through a Window - Dear Evan Hansen
Sincerely, Me - Dear Evan Hansen
If I Could Tell Her - Dear Evan Hansen
You Will Be Found - Dear Evan Hansen
Only Us - Dear Evan Hansen
Good For You - Dear Evan Hansen
Words Fail - Dear Evan Hansen
So Big / So Small - Dear Evan Hansen




Heavydirtysoul - TwentyØne Piløts


Bust your windows - Jazmine Sullivan
Toxic - Kehlani





Victorious - Panic! At The Disco
Emporers new clothes - Panic! At the disco
(S)AINT - Marilyn Manson
Mutilation is the most sincere form of flattery - Marilyn Manson


Summertime - My Chemical Romance
The Morticians Daughter - Black Veil Brides
Heaven - Andy Black
Pretty Little Girl - Blink-182
Before it rains - Juliet Simms
Oh ms believer - Twentyøne piløts
When the day met the night - Panic! At the disco
I follow rivers - Roni Alter
What if I was nothing - All that remains
If you only knew - Shinedown
Smithereens - Twenty one pilots
The only exception - Paramore
Nearly Witches (ever since we met) - Panic! At The Disco
10 Months - EHYPEN


Alone - New Years Day
Soul like me - Andy Black
Boulevard of broken dreams - Green Day
Lonely - Palaye Royale
Daddy’s Falling Angel - In This Moment



Lost it all - Black Veil Brides
When they call my name - Black Veil Brides
Familiar taste of poison - Halestorm
What a catch, Donnie - Fall Out Boy
Frances - Juliet Simms
Wake me up when September ends- Green day
For the love of a daughter - Demi Lovato
Anxiety - Anna Calendening
Coma Black - Marilyn Manson
Putting holes in happiness - Marilyn Manson


High hopes - Panic! At the disco

Heartbreak/break up songs

Let me down - New Years Day
Hush - Automatic Loveletter
Black Ink Revenge - Automatic Loveletter
Make up smeared eyes - Automatic Loveletter
Heart Song - Automatic Loveletter
Familiar taste of poison - Halestorm
I don’t love you - my chemical romance
Joker - New Years Day
I hate everything about you - Three days grace
Here we are - Breaking Benjamin
The void - Andy Black
End of the world - Juliet Simms
Miserable at best - mayday parade
Empty space - James Arthur


oh god no sofia :joy:


• Walk me home
• Galway Girl
• Castle in the Hill
• That moana song about the edge of the water
• Anything from the lion king
• Dancing Queen


I suggest ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ , ‘Crush’, and ‘We’re All in This Together’


I made this post editable! Feel free to add more categories

When adding songs, follow the format of:

Song title - Song artist(s)

This one is gonna be filled by me in the wiki

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Do you want me to hyperlink them?

This is a rad thread :joy:

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Ooh, sure! Let me add that as a suggestion!

And thanks! I’m surprised that this wasn’t already a thread!

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When you say rock are you meaning hard, soft or both?

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I meant both I think, but it would probably be better to divide it into two categories!

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Are you interested in grunge? :grin::new_moon::dizzy::black_heart:

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I’m personally not, but if you are, you can add that to the list! (Since I think that’s a genre?

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Yes, it is a genre. It is kind of a mix between rock and metal. I’m sure you’ll enjoy Nirvana even a little bit :grin::new_moon::dizzy::black_heart:

Can I drop off some goth music too? :pleading_face::new_moon::dizzy::black_heart:

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You can add that!

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Rip, when you’re adding music, please don’t delete what others added or just anything that was previously there!

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I can fix it but the person who did that is gonna have to re add their songs

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You should check out this song called The Prayer

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Also I don’t know if I read the edit wrong but if somebody did say Chris Brown did heavydirtysoul

You are wrong :slightly_smiling_face: