Songs about jewelry!

What are your top three songs about jewelry, or what songs about jewelry do you know?

I don’t remember too many songs about jewelry, but these are the first three jewelry-related songs that popped into my mind:

7 Rings: Ariana Grande

This song is basically about being able to pay for things that you like with your own money. The “seven rings” referred to in the song are the rings she bought for herself and her six friends.

Psycho: Post Malone

There are many theories as to what the “AP” is that’s going psycho. Some say it’s a watch brand, some say that it’s his initials (Austin Post is his real name), some say it’s “alternative personality”, and so on. But the song references jewelry many times. There’s this line in the chorus, “Can’t really trust nobody with all this jewelry on you.”

Band of Gold: Freda Payne

This is a classic, and it talks about a failed marriage. The ‘band of gold’ mentioned here is a wedding ring, which is the only thing that she still has after her spouse left her.

I totally forgot about this-

Again, Post :stuck_out_tongue:

I love that song! But can’t think of anything else right now

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