Songs that make you cry 😭

Well it’s easy enough, post the songs that make you cry and if you want then you can say why it has that impact.

It’s rumoured to be about a fan who commited suicide, whether or not that’s true doesn’t matter. It’s a sad song.

The reason for this is personal but it’s a sad song overall.

I’m not seventeen anymore :sob:

There are probably more but this is enough to get started.


This one…


It’s sad missing you hours

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The songs that teachers play during the lesson to teach us about modern music :eyes::sparkles::crying_cat_face: most of those songs are older than me and it makes me sad that some humans believe that they’re still modern :crying_cat_face::eyes::sparkles:


It’s not in English, but this song always makes me cry:

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This one is just sad

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Daddy Issues - The Neighborhood

it just came on and im getting emotional lol

also star shopping - lil peep

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Has a personal meaning to me… It was also dedicated to the victims of the Japan Airlines crash in 1985, which happened on this artist’s birthday, August 12th. The music video also makes it very sad

I actually have two sad song that make and anyone cry.

This song, I heard her sing it live not too long ago and I really had to fight my tears. This song brought me a lot of support after my aunt died and it really is the only song I’ve ever cried about.
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It made me cry at my P7 leavers assembly :sob:

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Reopening this for a revival, this song here

Will get the tears going

@Music what about you guys? Send me those tear jerkers.


I don’t know why but this song… or maybe I’m just obsessed with G-Eazy?


Hmm… There is one, but I don’t remember it…

Listen before I go- Billie Eilish
I love you - Billie Eilish
Perfect - Selena Gomez (I highly recommend it)

Also known as the your-favourite-character-is-going-to-get-hurt song :sob:

Dance with My Father by Luther Vandross. My dad passed away in 2010 and he loved Luther Vandross, so double whammy.
Sometimes if I’m overly nostalgic about my younger years, Barbies by Pink.

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I could do with adding some more to this so aside from the ones I’ve already stated (the one in the OP and the other 2 posts)