Songs that make you think of a color

Are there any songs that remind you of a color whenever you hear them?

For example, my favorite song, Sunflower, reminds me of the color yellow… obviously because sunflowers are yellow.

What color does your favorite song remind you of?


The song I’m listening to right now is kinda psychedelic :joy: so multiple colours really!

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Reminds me of blue :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


exactly my thought!

also like that by doja car reminds me of hot pink:)


Black, red and green


i thought it was the other way around. usually certain smells and colour would remind me of a person.

this song makes me think of dark purple and lilac layered over it

i had a dream like this song a night ago actually
my dad prayed for me lmaoooo this is so random

but it was like a house in those colors in another dimension that this fire-form dude took us to

wow how creative

Blue, pink, orange, maybe some red. The colors of a sunset


been listening to her songs lately 0w0

Light Gray De-Saturated Teal -

melanieeee ~

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Been listening to her songs since the crybaby era :heart:

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Orange :joy:

Summertime Sadness makes me think of orange. :sweat_smile:

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I love that song 0w0

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Ikr!!! That song is rad.

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This is my all time favorite song and it reminds me of yellow!

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Blue, green, some pink, and definitely purple