Songs with hidden meanings 🦋

So I was listening to music and this song came on-

A while ago I googling the meaning of this song for some reason, and most of the interpretations people gave to it was about some sort of relationship, most commonly something between a younger person and an older person.


Apparently that’s not even the meaning of it
This song is actually about drug and substance abuse among the singer’s teenage friends. It’s sung from the perspective of the drug.

Which surprised me a lot, but it’s lowkey rad.

So it got me thinking,
And why not open a thread when you get thinking :sunglasses:

  • What songs do you know that have hidden meanings or messages?
  • do you have any song you personality interpreted differently than others have?
  • anything else you want to say?



Hey that’s cool! You aren’t but anyways

No I don’t have any cool songs

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Wow that’s actually pretty interesting I love Halestorm but I actually didn’t know this! I’m happy to learn :smile:

I think I’ll come back to this thread later when I’m listening to music and think of the hidden meaning :joy:


Semi charmed life is about Crystal meth…great song, though. I know a lot of happy songs with dark meaning. Pumped Up Kicks

I feel like all songs have hidden meanings :joy:

People interpret every song even if it’s not what the artist perceived it to be!

Yeah most of the time
But I actually meant the other way around technically

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No ignore that I make no sense

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Katy Perry’s song “Firework” apparently has a hidden meaning👀

“Basically I have this very morbid idea… when I pass, I want to be put into a firework and shot across the sky over the Santa Barbara ocean as my last hurrah,” she said at the time. “I want to be a firework, both living and dead. My boyfriend showed me a paragraph out of Jack Kerouac’s book On the Road, about people that are buzzing and fizzing and full of life and never say a commonplace thing. They shoot across the sky like a firework and make people go, ‘Ahhh.’ I guess that making people go ‘ahhh’ is kind of like my motto.”

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I mean…this isn’t really a hidden meaning, but Cassie by Flyleaf. I think you can tell what it’s about.

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Ohhh, Slide by The Goo Goo Dolls and Freshmen by The Verve Pipe. Both about abortion, but in Freshman, the Girl also kills herself. The lyrics “She took a weeks worth of Valium and slept.”

In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins. I can’t remember exactly what it’s about, though.

i mean i used to hear songs and get a story behind it.

the best one i think was a prison, reaching for help but getting rejected