Sooo... I've come to a (sad) decision

Soo I really don’t know how to start this haha I kinda suck at this mushy gushy stuff~

but I have decided to leave the community.

I took a break in July and August because I was struggling with my mental health and came back after 2-3 weeks of being gone thinking I was better. I was active for a little bit but idk… something just isn’t feeling the same. I have been popping back in every few days and just reading through replies but I don’t think I’ve posted a single reply to anything in the past 2 weeks :joy:

Don’t get me wrong- the forums will always have a special place in my heart and will always be a part of what made me who I am. You guys helped me through some of the darkest periods in my life, for which I will always be grateful, but lately I’ve just been feeling a little distant.

Sooo yeah I guess this is goodbye :heart: It’s been fun

who knows maybe I’ll pop back in a year and notice that all of my old friends are gone (which would be super sad btw) but right now I just don’t think this is where I am meant to be. I know we are not really supposed to get religious or anything on here, but I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and that I was meant to be suspended on episode and find this place on February 24 (aka my birthday haha)

Some Personal Goodbyes ~ I am really sorry if I forgot anyone

Ok I want to obviously start by thanking @ShanniiWrites for making this beautiful place where I met so many amazing people and made so many friends. I didn’t really ever talk to you which makes me kind of sad, but I want you to know how much you have made a difference in my life and how thankful I am for it

Ok here come the water works
@glxwingAngel ~ you are one of the sweetest and kindest people I have ever met on the forums. I absolutely LOVED RPing with you (rip Danielle and Noah :broken_heart: cutest couple ever even though Danielle made fun of his french) I also loved running Seafare with you, even though that didn’t end too well since we were never really on :joy: but you can’t say we didn’t try

@BlondeGlassesGirl ~ I haven’t RPed with you in (at least what feels like) so long which is a shame since you were so fun to talk to. You were one of the first people I met on the forums, and you were so sweet and patient when I was new (and terrible) at RPing :heart: (and I KNOW I was hard to RP with since I never knew what to do or say haha)

@paige ~ girl we haven’t talked in FOREVER which is super sad since I loved RPing with you so much haha (Isabella and Cohen were one of my favvvv RP relationships haha) you were also so fun to talk to in general, not just when we were RPing, and I really wish we talked a little more recently

@Ouijaloveletters ~ ok you are literally one of the nicest and funniest people I have ever met and are so fun to RP with. I haven’t really known you too long, but talking with you on the different chats were some of my favorite memories on the forums.

@Melaniey ~ I loved the winx RP since that was the first time I really got to talk to you, and was so sad when it died out. I wish now that we had done that 1x1 winx RP since that would have been so fun and RPing with you was literally one of the highlights of my days.

@Megan ~ You are another one of my earliest friends who I haven’t really talked to these last few months, but you really helped me feel more comfortable around the forums (and especially the RP community) when you were so kind and welcoming to me. I remember RPing with you in (my terrible remake of) the Selection, and I also remember when I first met you in the Survivor RP (lol I can’t remember the name to save my life) which was one of the very first RPs I joined when I came to the forums

@passionfruit ~ Ok I don’t know if I’ve said this yet but CONGRATS ON BECOMING A MOD I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! I are literally perfect for the jobs since you are so friendly and nice, and another person who I adored RPing with

@TL_DR ~ another person who I haven’t talked to in a while and really wish I had. Other than RPing you are actually one of the people who finally (THANK GOD) motivated me to watch all of the avengers movies (seriously thank you for that those movies literally have a place in my heart)

@Mouschi ~ ok you are another super duper awesome person who I loved talking to (and competing against on all the forum games)

I will miss all of you so much and wish you all the best :heart:

Some of my favorite RPs (lol a mini appreciation post)

Seven Seas High by @raviola ~ I met so many people and had so much fun in this RP - thank you so much for making this and keep being your creative and brilliant self

The Selection by @Skyler2 ~ I loved this RP so much and I’m pretty sure this is also one of the first RPs I ever joined. I was so sad when this died out that I tried (and completely botched) revamping it… haha sorry again for that mess to everyone that witnessed it

The Winx RP by @Melaniey ~ ok again I am so happy I met you when I signed up for this RP and also finally found some other people who watched winx growing up (like seriously that was a good show why did no one watch it)

I’ll be on for a little while tomorrow but am planning on logging off tomorrow night~ so feel free to PM me to talk for a while and reconnect before I go :heart: lol or not if you don’t really care :rofl: either is fine

haha I don’t want to tag anyone else since I don’t want to be that person who tags random people who don’t give a sh*t (hehe look I finally censored my curse words the right way - yw to all the staff who don’t have to correct this for me)

Alright- I guess this is it.

Kate out.

*drops the mic and cues dramatic exit



ugly crying Thank you! I’ll miss you!


I’ll miss you more :heart: :heart: thank you for always being so kind and positive on the forums ~ you have no idea how much it has done for me

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Of course! I’m honestly kinda a pessimist :joy:

awww thank you :pleading_face::two_hearts:

i’ll miss seeing you around, but i hope it helps you!

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Bye g

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You’ll be missed :pray:t4:

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awww :pleading_face: I’m gonna miss you. I hope all is well for you, and I’m glad you’re taking time to yourself cuz sometimes thats what we all need the most. Thanks for being in the selection, it was a fun time :heart:

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KATIEE U B*TCH :pleading_face: bro i didnt know u had an acc here :sob: i missed you but u NEVER TEXT ME ON IG :angry:

Censor that, please.

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