Spotlight Sunday: Detenu

Looking for a read on Episode, check out this review.

Have you read this story? Do you think we should reopen Spotlight Sunday?


Awh man, this was such a good story. I read it when shannii was preparing for this one :smile:


You, sir, need to stop flaunting your connections. (pokes out tongue)

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Do more Spotlight Sundays, and you’ll realise there are actually a good few of them I spoke to the author, lol. Usually because I’d read the story and want to do them art :joy:

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HEHEHEHE! A plan is in the works! It is, it is.

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Just added a couple tags.

Alright, @Bloggers & @Episodians. What do you think about this final review? Have you read or do you want to read this story? Or better yet, do you want a similar review done for your story on another platform?

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