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“Is bzzt reading me? This is Capta- bzzt of the USS Herald. We are in need of assis- bzzt. It was supposed to be a rescue bzzt but we don’t even know what it is. Please, find us-”

✦ Captain ?̬̲͍̣͠͡?̡̺͕͍͜?̛͓̣͖͖̟͈̟ of the USS Herald ✦

Aboard the USS Spectator, there lies a talented and brilliant crew without glory. The ship has no notable achievements, no outstanding missions, and no infamous battles under their belt. In fact, the ship has only been in commission for about two months, with the only interesting part of their journey a quick stop at a space station. To Starfleet, the USS Spectator is just a newcomer to the game with little worth to stake on. In fact, it’s most well-known for being the castaway ship, where all the “useless” Starfleet officers are assigned to remain spectators within space. No one wants to be trapped there and most transfer out in just a few weeks to find greater opportunities.

However, when the USS Herald sends a distress signal and they happen to be the only ones around, it becomes a chance to prove themselves and their capabilities to Starfleet. A once-in-a-century opportunity to launch them into greatness and show the fleet what the USS Spectator can become. What starts off as a seemingly simple, yet worrying rescue mission for the loose team turns into a twisted journey where the only ones they may be able to trust are each other. With a new discovery in their hands that threatens to change everything they knew, the USS Spectator must choose whether to fight a growing darkness or resolve into the fold of history once again.

“What are you willing to give to the dark? What are you willing to hide from the light?”

✶ Unknown Transmission ✶

Welcome aboard the USS Spectator! Here you serve as a crew member on one of the most intolerable ships within Starfleet, whether this is your last chance or the only ship available for you to join. Most people see the USS Spectator as nothing more than a gnat amongst giants, but you should never underestimate the scorned.

The main storyline for this is that the ship uncovers a distress signal from the renowned and well-respected USS Herald. While this event won’t happen for a while to allow time to socialize with other characters and adjust to the sci-fi setting, it will kick off a drastic series of events that will force your characters in perilously ominous situations.

Because of this, expect some moments where SG elements come into play and be wary of who you trust and the clues you are given. Not every sign is a good one.

Before we get started, I would like to ask you all to reserve one role, as this is an RP with limited space and I would like to allow as many people to join as possible. Therefore, everyone will start off with one character and a reserved role for that character. And on a final note here, you do not need to know a lot about Star Trek to get started! Any and all questions are welcomed and you can keep things vague if needed, no need to go on a Wiki hunt for specific details!

✧ rules ✧
  • No godmodding and Mary Sues in the RP
  • Please censor and provide a TW for any sensitive topics!
  • Before reserving for a role, check the role list to ensure it is not taken beforehand
  • Try and keep things PG-13 if possible, but use fade-to-black if needed
  • Have fun and feel free to PM me about suggestions/plotlines you’d like to see!

☆ available roles ☆

All roles are currently taken, but if you still wish to join you can ask and I could make another role for your character!

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✧ sign-up template ✧
sign-up info | read first

Before signing up, I’d like to list some things out for clarification and to specify!

  • Any and all Star Trek species are acceptable for this roleplay, alongside the possibilities for hybrids, androids, and anything similar.
  • For age, I would ask that your character is above 18 years old (in human years). However, if you are looking to create a child prodigy, please ask first beforehand!
  • For the “Reason for Assignment,” please note that this can be anything from “assigned due to lack of space on other ships” or “discharged from previous ship due to misconduct” >:)) be creative if you want to, but nothing inappropriate or triggering please!
  • Faceclaims do not have to be real people if inapplicable to your character. You are free to use resources such as ArtBreeder and Picrew if needed!
  • Finally, for “Abilities/Skills,” I simply ask that you input nothing too overpowered or god-like! Try and keep it within reasonable range and allow other characters a way to bypass it or minimize the damage










Reason for Assignment:

Faceclaim Link:

☆ resource links ☆

Faceclaims (Coming Soon)

Roles and Departments

The USS Spectator

✧ lovely tags ✧

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owowowowo reserve for First Officer

also @ghostea isn’t here rn but she asked me to reserve for Chief Security Officer for her


Hi yes reserving for chief medical officer and officially reserving chief operations officer for firefly <3


Is captain not taken?!


no it’s not >:))

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Reserve for Chief Navigator!


me, seeing the colour key in the slides



Advanced Systems Specialist if you will!


Can I reserve the communications officer?




Could I reserve a Weaponry Officer please?

Actually scrap that, could i have the research officer?


Reserve chief engineer please!


:scream: Ahh how am I supposed to choose… Ah! Too many awesome species to pick from

Side note: I was so excited to see that you were making this Blu. I wished I had been able to be part of the first one, but it was just before I really started RPing if I remember correctly. So I’m excited to get to join this Star Trek RP now.


asjkfsjdf i know right and they’re all so cool >:D

i’m really glad you can be a part of it this time then! it’ll be epic to see how it goes this time around >:D


Is this ok

Name: Tea Jiltroy

Role: Chief Research Officer

Age: 22

Species: Betazoid

Gender: Non binary

Sexuality: Pansexual

Profile/Biography: Tea was born on Betazed, into a family of 5. They had an older sister named Abigail and a younger brother named Jack. Tea wasn’t especially close with any of their parents; they both considered them far too destructive for their own good. Their siblings were just annoying, but hey, so are most. They grew up upper middle class, never truly having to worry about money and the like. Often, they would get in trouble at school - surprise surprise; it was because they were destructive.
Despite all this, Tea was always good at knowing what others think and has used this to their advantage many times. It’s got them out of being expelled multiple times, as they were lucky enough to have a headmaster who could read nothing more than emotions.
Tea moved out when they were 16, and continued studying science in school. They weren’t ‘popular’ per say, but they did have a few close friends. As time progressed, Tea became extremely good at what they did, although they did blow up most labs they entered. When they were twenty, they were hired to be a research officer on the USS Armstrong. For two years, things went very well. There were no real mishaps, apart from the occasional minor fire or explosion.
Then, one day Tea went too far with an experiment. They realised what they had done at the last moment, and fled the lab. The other crew members were all away from the ship and on the current planet they were docking on, so at least Tea had only themselves to save. They could feel the fires’ heat at their neck as they sprinted out the back gate. They left the USS Apollo in the nick of time. It exploded seconds later.
They have now been reassigned to the USS Spectator, after being ‘forgiven’ for their ‘accident’. The reality is, the commanding officers believe that Tea is better out of sight and out of mind. Tea hopes to be able to have fun here as best they can, and they don’t plan to stop in their ‘adventurous’ experiments. Tea just plans never to do that again is all.

Personality: Tea has a look about them that could almost convince you that they were a responsible person, or at least followed some kind of rules. This is most certainly not true. They are a firecracker waiting to explode, and love nothing more than making things blow up. It’s why they became a research officer. Tea has quite a strong telepathic ability, although they often pretend that it is much weaker than it really is. After all, information is much more useful when no one else knows you have it.
They tell the truth when they feel like it, and lie when they think that that is the best option.
One thing Tea truly loves, apart from blowing things up, is the research itself. They can talk about this for hours on end, and love to spend even more hours just working on little projects
They love to joke around and pull pranks on people, quite often causing big messes while they’re at it. Tea is very intelligent and has a perfect memory, although when it comes to new people at times they can seem reserved. This is simply because they are observing other people’s actions and reactions, so that they can judge how best to conduct themselves.
Despite their confident exterior, Tea needs companionship and often gets upset when their attempts at forming platonic relationships fail. Tea is quite competitive at times, although they know how to lose also. They often chase conflict, rather than avoiding it, as they find it quite funny to confuse and ridicule their opponent thoroughly before emerging victorious. Yet they wonder why few people like them.

Abilities/Skills: Can read other people’s thoughts and emotions, very good memory

Reason for Assignment: Discharged from previous ship because they blew it up.

Faceclaim Link:


well i’m not Blu so i can’t say anything for sure

but i hope you don't mind some feedback

i’m a little concerned about this part in specific?

again, i’m not Blu but i think it would be better to at least blur it?
(tho personally i’d say delete it, since it doesn’t have to have much of an impact on their bio, seeming rather just a lil “oh yeah btw there’s this”)
also, well this is just me, as i can’t speak for a community but
i’d suggest you to stay away from labelling your chara as their gender assigned at birth? i doubt you have any ill intentions on the topic, but well, sometimes the terms afab and amab are… used to create a binary division for nb people which is… the opposite of what we want, y’know?
also some transphobes then to use them to invalidate identities outside the binary?
imo there’s no reason for us to know a trans character’s assigned gender at birth, since that’s not them

also well, i would suggest you to use the chance of RPing as an alien race to… stray away from human biases like transphobia and stuff? also from human languages and the gender implications they have since, for example, despite having gendered pronouns, most vulcans use gender neutral pronouns for themselves in their native language
Star Trek has always been quite progressive since its origin, and if you read some fan theories, it’s easy to imagine the universe it’s set in is not as transphobic as ours
plus since Betazoids are telepaths and value value honesty, there wouldn’t really be a reason for them to shun one of their own for being true to themself

also on the personality…
well you mention they’re autistic but… that’s not really a personality trait, if you ask me? so i’d rather move that to the bio if you wanna state that outright, and write how that’s affected them
however, personally i’m a fan of not saying it outright but writing them as such and let their character do the talking


hey acorn, first off i love your character already :pleading_face: Tea Jiltroy is an epic name

second off, just saw cam posted some concerns i also had, so i’ll go ahead and address those as well

boop click me please

for the transphobic part i’d like to ask that you put a spoiler around it or possibly even revise it to be a more offhanded mention! thank you for the CW in advance though, that was really thoughtful of you!

second of all, again on another point, could you possibly move the part about Tea’s autism to your biography? i think that would be a more fitting place for the section to go into

i’d also suggest to take Cam’s suggestions into account, as they basically explained most of my thoughts in a more detailed manner

aLSO I ACCIDENTALLY removed sexuality from the sign-up template so could you put their sexuality too? THATS MY BAD

other than that, i love the detail you’ve put into them so far, but i do feel bad for the USS Armstrong :flushed: it’ll be fun to see your Betazoid in play and messing around in the laboratory >:D

I take RP very seriously, thanks

Name: Lame Dethol

Role: The Life of the Party

Age: Yes

Species: Meme Train

Gender: Yes

Profile/Biography: I’m only here to contribute to my achievements as a meme lord to annoy my fras.

Personality: The very best that no one ever was.

Abilities/Skills: Yes

Reason for Assignment: They wanted to yeet Lame off the planet but couldn’t due to legal reasons so this was the next best option.

Faceclaim Link:


petition to revoke fang’s rights


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