Star Wars & Star Wars the Old Republic Thread!

How many people here like Star Wars? Also which trilogy set do you like? Have you ever played Star Wars The Old Republic Online game? Have you ever played Knights Of The Old Republic 1 and 2? Who is your favorite Star Wars character? Which animated series did you like best? Are you excited about the upcoming films and tv shows? Any show in particular that you were hoping for? What do you think of the Knights Of The Old Republic Trilogy that is in the works?



Also which trilogy set do you like?

I love the prequel trilogy set because that’s the one I grew up watching. I love the other as well but not as much as that set.

Have you ever played Star Wars The Old Republic Online game?

I have been playing Star Wars the Old Republic for 5 years now. I love the game. It’s one of the few online games I love because it has such an intricate storyline with 8 playable classes with 12 playable species. As of right now, only 11 species are available but a new species comes with the September Expansion pack. The game can be free to play or pay to play. Free to play only has access to half the species but pay to play gives you access to all of them. If you want an interactive storyline where you make choices which determine the outcome of the game then you will love this game.

Have you ever played Knights Of The Old Republic 1 and 2?

Better known as Kotor I and Kotor II. These games are the prequel to Star Wars The Old Republic. They are based 200 years before SWTOR takes place. I have always wanted to play this game all the way through. The first game follows the storyline of how Darth Revan came to be and what lead him to be redeemed for all the chaos he brought to the galaxy. The second one follows the first by skipping 5 years later. You are a young Jedi during the time that the Sith are taking over the galaxy but your decisions in the game decide whether you stay true to the light side or give in to your darkest desires by turning dark instead. These games have been a staple in the Star Wars community since they were released, they are also what the Knights of the Old Republic trilogy will be based on.

Who is your favorite Star Wars character?

My favorite Star Wars character is R2-D2. He is a sassy little robot who doesn’t let anyone get in his way. He will take you down if you try to stop him plus he’s so clever. If he wants to go somewhere then nothing will stop him from doing so. He has also lasted through the whole Star Wars Saga.

Which animated series did you like best?

My favorite animated show has to be Star Wars Rebels since it focused on the Resistance. They are based about 5 years before A New Hope. This tv shoe gives us insight into how the Rebel Alliance can to be. You also get a bit more information on what happened after Order 66 was activated.

Are you excited about the upcoming films and tv shows?

I’m very excited to see what Disney does with the rest of the franchise. I know many are not happy with the fact that Disney has the rights to Star Wars but think of this way, We would not be seeing another Star Wars movie or show for quite a while longer if they hadn’t taken over. They are now bringing life to shows like The Mandolorian and The Kotor trilogy that would never have happened because no one would pick it up the scripts for them. The Mandolorian show will be very interesting to see since it is based on a Mandolorian warrior about 3 years after Return of the Jedi and before The First Orders rein. This show will also give us insight into the Underworld of Star Wars Galaxy. The Kotor trilogy is an upcoming trilogy that Star Wars fans have wanted to see for a long time. There have been many petitions for these movies. Also, means that Disney is acknowledging The Old Republic era as canon when they had previously said it wasn’t. I’m excited about the Kenobi movie if it gets produced. I have heard it’s still on the fence right now.

Any show in particular that you were hoping for?

I was hoping for a show based on the Star Wars The Old Republic storyline. That has yet to be confirmed. I’m excited that at least one of the Old Republic game series will be turned into a movie trilogy. I was hoping they would do a show or movie about the time Ahsoka left the Jedi Order at the end of The Clone Wars tv series. I do want a movie about Mace Windu and Yoda when they were younger. Also, I want to get a show on Qui Gon Jinn’s story as well.

What do you think of the Knights Of The Old Republic Trilogy that is in the works?

I think this show will do well. It will be different from previous Star Wars series since it is based 3000 years before the Skywalker Saga. This story will show what it was like before the Rule of Two was put into place by Darth Bane. This was when there was thousands of Sith running around in a fully running Sith Empire. Though the Sith were thought to be gone they showed back up after they had corrupted Revan and Malak who were two Jedi Knights sent out into the uncharted parts of the Galaxy. This would be the start of the ongoing war between the Jedi and the Sith that would follow into the Skywalker Saga.

Please let me know what you think of the Star Wars Universe. Fact check me if I got anything wrong. Post videos of movies, tv shows and games in the Star Wars Universe that you like. I wanted to bring some of the Star Wars fandom here since many know of it and are fans or not fans either. Openly discuss anything about Star Wars on this thread!

P.S Feel free to move this thread if it’s in the wrong section. Wasn’t sure which category it fell into since it was about both games and movies.


I love star wars, i recently watched the star wars when Darth Vader was created, i have watched the rest but i don’t remember anything, it was quite a long time.


Yeah, it’s been quite a bit of time for me too. Since Star Wars has come baxk on to the market though I have been watching it more lately. Especialy since I’m going to Disney World in week. Star Wars land will be awesome!

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I love star wars, but I have not play the old republic.

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It’s a really good game!

So cracks knuckles Deluge and his Star Wars opinions coming through.

I love Star Wars, its one of my favourite franchises ever. Its expansive, its creative, I love it! My favourite trilogy set is probably the originals, mostly because there wasnt a bad film in that set, whereas the prequels had Attack of the Clones and the new trilogy has The Last Jedi. Both equally bad films.

People rail on the prequels, with good reason, there were a lot of missteps and weird choices that led to them not being as good as they could have been on the whole. That being said, I actually like the politics and intricate trade negotiations of Phantom Menace, and seeing the Clone Wars in full swing and the rise of the Emperor in Revenge of the Sith was fantastic. Not to mention as someone who studied kendo and other forms of swordplay, that final saber duel in Revenge of the Sith (the first half anyway, not the weird floaty lava robots and ‘high ground’ nonsense) is a bit of a nerd dream. It’s incredible.

My favourite film in the franchise is probably also the objective best of the franchise still, the Empire Strikes Back. Vader as a villain is unmatched in media and the presence he demands in ever scene he’s in is just awesome. Its mostly thanks to the amazing costume design, the excellent directing and that voice. James Earl Jones is truly a master of voice work, and Darth Vader was his absolute best work. That leads me into my favourite scene ever. In all of media. That scene at the end of Rogue One when that red light saber lights up the dark hallway. It might be nerd pandering, but you can’t tell me it’s not the coolest damn thing in that whole film.

Unpopular opinion, I think the Star Wars franchise is better out of George Lucas’ hands than in them, the unpopular part being I know the original trilogy wasn’t all him. He had co-directors and his wife acting as editor, which he didn’t have for the prequels.

After Solo and the Last Jedi I’m not super excited for anything else coming out, I wasn’t exactly blown away by either film. The mandolorian series could be good. The slowdown Disney is taking is definitely good. Episode 9 will hopefully be good, otherwise the prequel trilogy will be better. Aside from that I’m kinda meh on the current Star wars train.

I’ve played SWTOR and both KOTOR games, but none of them are really for me. Final Fantasy 14 is my MMO, I just had to find it, and now it’ll never let me go xD I can tell these are really good games though, don’t get me wrong.

My favourite, and quite possibly the best star wars game is definitely the original Star Wars: Battlefront 2 on the PlayStation 2. That game is absolutely stellar in every way, and I just can’t help but love it. It’s so much fun!

I watched Clone Wars, The Clone Wars (the substantially cooler animated series did by the same guy who did Samurai Jack) and Rebels, and they’re all pretty good. I think it’s fair to say having that many seasons of television and having it all be pretty good is a good sign.

So yeah. My star wars opinions. I also love the comics, dark Empire is probably the best run. The books are also fun, Young Jedi Knights is great. The Holiday Special is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. And that original comic of how Empire Strikes Back was going to be is beyond interesting. Vader gets his arm cut off then falls down a hole? Han Solo isn’t even in it, and it all takes place on one planet. It’s mad and I love it


It really will be.

Οhh, that’s spectacular, hope you fave fun :+1:

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Thank you!

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So I heard. I have utomik (netflix for video games) it has it. I just havent play it yet

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I agree with you on the prequels being cheezy for the storyline. I like the story for all the effects, costumes and fight chorography. I love the battle between Anakin and Obi wan. The jumping around part was very interesting but atest to their force powers. I do believe that Star Wars would excell better animated and as tv shows because they can do so much more with the franchise that way.

Yes! The Rogue One Vader fight scene was epic! We finally get to see him in full action against other fighters than just Jedi Knights. I think Luke would be a Jedi Knight? I actually liked The Last Jedi for it’s plotline though it pisses me off that we learned nothing about Snoake. I do find it annoying about Luke’s last stand.

I understand why everyone doesn’t like the way Disney is going with it. I didn’t like it either especially when Disney cut out the countless books and stories that were canon. That pissed me off so much since they said Bioware Star Wars franchise was a completely solo act that had nothing to do with the main franchise. Now they are officially making Kotor into a trilogy. So much for it not being canon.

I loved Star Wars Battlefront 2! I used to play that on my xbox when I was young. It so much fun! I actually downloaded it on to my pc so I could still play it just this year. I love the animated tv shows a whole lot more than the movies. They fill in the plotholes the movied have. Especially the Clone Wars tv series. I like the Star Wars: Resistance series because it gives you an understanding of what the galaxy was like before The Force Awakens movie. The last two episode actually catches up with the first movie. So this would be the first series that actually starts just few months to a year before the new trilogy. I meant to say this earlier but I got busy at work and ended up not getting a break until I got home.

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Interesting, I will have to look that up!

It really is refreshing having other non-psychotic Star Wars fans to talk to xD

So I just saw a whole bunch of Mandalorian stuff and yeah, I will fully admit I was wrong. I’m super amped and pumped up for Star Wars again, that show looks like it’s going to be absolutely amazing. I’ll admit I was wrong, and am still a huge Star Wars fan at heart xD All I needed to hear was that IG-11 was going to be voiced by Taika Waititi. That had me sold

Also I just saw Jon Favreu being adorable in Spiderman: Far From Home so maybe I just have a soft spot for him? idk, he’s also a huge Star Wars fan so I’m thinking the Mandalorian will be really good >.<

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I know right! I’m psyched about The Mandolorian series too! It will be so different from the other Star Wars series. Hey, it’s okay to be wrong as long as you admit it. I’m a huge Star Wars geek.

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I am too again! Last Jedi left a super bad taste in my mouth, I didn’t like anything about it xD

But yeah, seeing them making miniatures and seeing thyat crisp, clean Mandalorian armour got me soooo hyped

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Yep! I understand about the Last Jedi movie. There were some scenes that were pretty crappy. I just find it funny what the porgs really were and why they actually came to be in the film. It’s pretty hilarious.

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same unforetently I live in europa so Ill have to wait for Disney plush to come here.

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That sucks but you will get it eventually.

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Bump. I need a distraction from my insane workload. (I’m on break at work.)

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okay have you seen Legends of the Old Republic: Rogue Contract

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No, I have not seen that. What is it about? Is it a game?