Stories on Wattpad vs Traditional Novels

What are the differences between stories on Wattpad and traditional novels?
What are the differences for writers?

Some Wattpad stories are made into real books. But sometimes I think that it’s easy to say if a book is a traditional novel or was a Wattpad story before that. However, I’m not sure what really makes it different. The chapters seem shorter to me, but I’m not sure if that’s true for all Wattpad stories.


Idk it seems like some stuff on Wattpad is rushed and not edited thoroughly enough because like, usually you’re only working with yourself to put stuff out (although of course some people have editors for Wattpad and stuff) but since you can publish it easily and at no time and cost to you sometimes not that great stuff comes out. Same can be said for traditional novels, except most traditional novels go through a lot of editing and reviewing to even be published! Unless you self-publish and make your own book that way, or put it on amazon.