Stories that get promoted everywhere

Some authors promote their stories everywhere that they can and totally saturate everything with their story.

Will it make you less likely to read a story that gets promoted everywhere? Why?


As an author who promotes my story everywhere, every chance I get, no. In this current market, it’s hard for your work to be visible unless you do heavy promotion, combined with good engagement&networking. But of course, an author should not just focus on plugging their work everywhere and forget to interact! :joy:

I think promotion should be done hand-in-hand with engagement. For example, on Twitter, I promote my story once a week or so and the other days, I post on various topics. Similarly, on forums, I promote my story on different threads and participate in other interesting topics or give feedback/suggestion to other creators. Hopefully, that will gain me a larger audience and also a larger circle of creator friends! :wink:


Pretty much same here! I try to promote my story but I also draw other pieces and generally post on forums on different topics as well. I’m trying to get better on the engagement part too XD

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It depends on the story, if I like the plot and the grammar in the description if it seems well written, I’d add it to my list to read later. Usually I want to read a story but forget to add it, so a frequent promotion helps me remember.

Of course, it’s really annoying if an author promotes their story on places they shouldn’t, but I don’t even look at those promotions anyway.

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As an author, I know it’s kind of necessary to promote your story everywhere :sweat_smile: As long as they don’t just drop the link to their story, I don’t mind and if I see someone trying to get their story out to readers, I’m more likely to read it because I understand that struggle

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@Writers what do you think about this?

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