Story Promotion Update + News About the Future of the Forums

So… I made a small administrative change to the Promote Your Story section: #share:promote-your-story. If you’re observant, you might have noticed it! Or maybe you got notifications when I edited your post :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically, I added tags to all of the posts on there (I hope). These tags are there to tell people what app or platform your story is on before they click on it.

So from now on, please make our job a little easier and add the tag to your promotion thread! I understand that you might forget at first, so the @ForumStaff will also be here to help!

This is an important development for us because I want us to move away from just being a forum to discuss Episode matters.

Don’t get me wrong! I love how many people from Episode there are on here and I want us to continue discussing Episode matters! However, it kinda bothers me a little when people say “the official forums” when talking about the Episode forums as if this place will only ever be an unofficial Episode forum.

That was never the point! Episode was only supposed to be a small part of what we discussed on these forums. It was supposed to be able all kinds of writing!

None of you have done anything wrong. It’s more my fault than anything else. I got complacent and let this only focus on Episode because it was easy for me.

But from now on, I’ll be doing lots of new stuff to make sure that we broaden out and focus on lots of new discussions, too!




I’m glad you think so! It’s a small change, but I hope it will make a difference!


To me it never felt that way but I understand it if others do. To everyone else reading this please promote other writing apps! Don’t be scared and think that the writing apps that you use are wrong. we , or at least I, just don’t know that many besides wattpad and episode! and you know you also don’t have to do only writing apps. We also discuss our games right here!

Like pokemon go for example.

or harry potter wizards unite

or make our own fun games


This will be good for the forums. I hope we can get a good flow going too. I try to come up with some ideas!


Oh thank God. I saw the editting notification and thought I’d done something wrong!

Lol, this is a great idea. That way, if I wanted to see Wattpad story suggestions, I’d only see those, not the episode or any other platform ones.

Thank you! :grin: