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I’ve recently decided to make a comic with my friend. She’s an incredible artist and I’m an ambitious writer who’s looking for some practice and has way too much free time on her hands.

I haven’t come up with everything for the story (honestly it’s more like the basic outline). Of course I plan on reading everything I can about story writing and character development. Basically what this post is for is some advice/questions for writers AND readers. Everyone’s opinion matters as I really do want to make this as amazing as I can. Here are the questions:

  • Should I write the entire story beforehand or should I write it one chapter at a time?
  • How much detail should I put into the minor/side characters?
  • Should I even include romance?
  • I have two ideas, each a different genre. One would be a comedy that ends in a sad ending. The other’s something more based around action/fantasy.
  • What is your opinion on more than one season?
  • What is your opinions on love triangles?

All of this stuff would help me out a lot! Please feel free to give me any other advice or give your opinion on some other things that annoy you so I can try to avoid those things.

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I’m not sure if this means drafting, but if it does then yes i think you should draft it.

Honestly thats up to you but i guess it depends on how trivial they are to the story line.

Up to you. I personally don’t care if a story has romance or not.

I like both genres. The comedy one might be interesting but i can’t choose.

I think it’s great.

It’s cool as long as it doesn’t overshadow the main plot. Otherwise it personally doesn’t matter to me.


You should outline your story first, then write one chapter at a time.

I would say depends on how important that character is. You can add a few traits in them and a backstory as well.

That’s up to you, but most readers love romance stories.



The majority loves love triangles but I would feel bad for the person who ended up not being loved.

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Oh, how’s the comic going, @Skyler2?

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Oh well, let’s see, I can’t actually remember which comic this was talking about and I haven’t worked on any comic in months so I’d say it’s nowhere near done and/or started.
We can close this, if you want.

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Oh dear. Okay.
Well, if you want to. (pouts with a thumbs up)

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Well I dont have much more use for it

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Fair enough. Do you want to do it or do you want me to?

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Can you please?

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Closed at OP request