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Stranger Things Season 4

Okay so I don’t think there’s a thread about this already, plus I think the original was closed down but since season 4 came out today I thought I’d make a place for people to discuss it :sunglasses: I’m currently one episode in and I like it enough so far!

Blur Spoilers

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Are you gonna be watching it?
Do you have any opinions on it?


It came out already :anguished::anguished:
Woah woah I don’t have time for it, nooo

:scream: Ahhhhh I didn’t know it was out yet!

I don’t know when I’m going to be able to watch it, but I’m excited to watch it!


Lol I never could get past the second Episode of the first season, sooo.

Okay full thoughts


For starters this season is big on the body horror, I think I thought to myself a lot of Junji Ito just because there were occasions the bodies looked like something from the Amigara Fault :joy: but anyway it was a very good season. It had a slow start and I wasn’t a fan of all the high school stuff, thankfully that ended after like, the second episode.

The Russia stuff was a little boring imo it would have been cooler if Hopper had escaped to the upside down or something, imo the Russia stuff ran its course in season 3 but the fight with the demogorgan was rad!

Aside from all of that this season has literally been the best, they kept the D&D tradition of naming the enemy after something D&D related except this time it was named after the character Vecna and given lore similar to a lich, but then there was even more of a twist when we found out that this villain was actually a real person who Eleven had fought a long time ago, number 1.

Max was amazing this season, she had my favourite scene of all time. Running for her life away from Vecna while Kate Bush’s “Running up that hill” played and her friends calling out to her, it was so tense but so good.

I’m really excited for the second part of stuff to be released, in my honest opinion this has been my favourite season so far!

I haven’t finished yet, but I suppose it’s the scariest season of all … I couldn’t sleep all night because of the first 3 episodes

okaaay I’ve watched all 7 episodes, it was really cool! blown-minded season!

Okay, I absolutely love Stranger Things. Watched all 4 seasons within like 2 weeks (yeah, I got on the hype way too late so started on season 1 when 4 was fully out). I just love the whole vibe of it.

Also, for those interested, I’ve made some of the main characters in the Sims.

Heard stranger things is scaru

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Not really tbh in my opinion :thinking:

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May aswell update this

Max’s “death” was pointless and rendered the really cool scene of her running from Vecna meaningless. What is the message there? That your problems will always win even if your friends help? That your friends helping makes things worse? :joy: Other than that I really enjoyed the finale, it was good fun.

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I agree with this. I feel like her plan should have worked basically. Like her happy place should have protected her in my opinion. Tho I guess they really wanted that fight between Eleven and Vecna and thats why they made that decision. I hope Max will actually survive tbh, as I heard they basically want to go back to the original characters for season 5…

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the way Eddie died and the way Dustin cried and Lucas and Max didn’t even get a last kiss -
Max is my favorite character. She’s so real.
Also my friend really likes Chrissy.
I don’t -
Like she didn’t even get screen time-