Summer Studies: How to Make the Most of Your Time Off


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Interesting article! I’m horrible at studying by myself, I mean homework is even a stretch. If I had money I think I’d probably go for tutoring.

But right now I guess I am studying by reading a kind of advanced book. It’s called Shadow Country and it’s by Peter Matthiessen.

It shows racism in the south and it has so many characters! It’s also like 800 pages lol. Like there’s a different character perspective every chapter and so many characters are brought up… you begin to know the lives of every townsperson.

For some reason I didn’t consider that studying, but I guess it is.


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Thank you so much for reading it! It really does help! It’s always good to read an advanced book. Reading comprehension is the most important skill in English!

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By the way: I’ve released a doc for members that explains iambic pentameter!


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