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Necole Kinnear had gone though most of the student files for the year. She sat in her office, going through the names of each of the students attending this year, asking for live footage of each student. With only a day before the first school day, she had to make sure she familiarized herself with each individual. Unlike the last principle, no problems will be cause under her rule. The last Principal, Chadwick Lockley, had been fired for reasons unknown also known as classified, she had gladly stepped into the position. The man had created a bad name for Stonegate Academy, and she was willing to do anything to keep the prestigious academies name. It started with the teachers. She had already fired half of the staff for passing kids out of pity and giving grades that weren’t deserving of the students work. She was going to fix the school. No matter how many people thought her cruel. After that, she erased the ranking of all the students, letting them start off with a blank slate. Those were Lockley’s ranks, they meant nothing to her. His ranks were pleasant, kind hearted, hers were more cut throat.

Now she read though the files, sending students who she deemed unfit a letter telling them not to return this school year.

She gently swirled her drink her hand as she reached over her desk to the next file on her desk, “Cierra Nikolaeva.” The projection said, an image of a blond girl came on, “Age 22, 5’6’’, of Russian decent. Both parents are Alphas is sector 264. Shows signs of physiological instability, but when tested nothing was found. Sharing living quarters with Vivienne Clouse.” Necole leaned forward in her seat, growing interested.

“Give me Vivienne Clouse’s file.” She ordered and the hologram did as told.

“Vivienne Clouse. Age 21, 5’9’’, of French decent. Very high credentials, mother works for M.A.Robotics as a financials officer. Shows little interest in being an Alpha.” The voice said and Necole narrowed her eyes sighing.

“Is there anyone else with them?”

“Also moving into Bluestation Avenue: Rafel Del Rosso, Chester Black.” The projection showed the two boys as well."

“Show me their files.” She ordered.

"Rafel Del Rosso. Age 22, 5’11’’, of Italian decent. Family are one of the world renowned and high praised Alphas, part of the elites. Was cut off from fortune and company after accident. Shows great promise, but will be monitoring his pride should it be his downfall.

“Chester Black. Age 23, 6’1’’, of British decent. Shows no sign of being super despite rumours, is a runaway and frequent troublemaker. Does not attend academy, as he is an Omega.”

“Interesting.” She leaned back in her seat, glass still in hand, “Give me live footage from Bluestation avenue. I would like to have a look for myself.” With that, the screen cut to a birds eyes view of the street and Principal Kinnear sipped her glass an intrigued look on her face.


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