Tactics to creating a villainous character

Who doesn’t like a good villain? or someone who shows little signs of a villain?

Writing a good villainous character does take some time to do right because you can’t just make them evil and throw chaos around. Yes, it’s fun, but it can also look hectic and impulsive. Some of these tactics could help with making a good villainous character.

  1. The Reason.
    In my eyes the most important and interesting side of a villainous character. to make a strong and believable character, it’s important to know where their anger, pain, actions, or demeanor comes from. what made them act like this?
    Doing this will not only help to give your character a natural response to a situation, which makes it easier for you as a writer to become your character, it also makes them more relatable, or at least people can understand where they came from.
    These reasons could be a situation, a personality trait, a psychological element, or a person that pushed them.

  2. Chosen or Assigned.
    I think this is something that sometimes gets forgotten or it’s something people aren’t actively aware of. But knowing whenever or not your character chose to be the villain or if other people see them as the villain.
    Each of these can give a different response to certain choices. For example, if a character is chosen to be the villain, convincing them to stop will be harder, and a character who’s assigned to be the villain can be redeemed easier.
    However, when faced with other people, someone who chose to be the villain can act proud and show confidence while someone who is put into the villain role might feel anger toward other people: “If the world only sees me as the bad guy, then there’s no point in being anything else”.

  3. The push.
    A person can keep themselves in a check until a certain point. It’s the drop that makes the bucket overflow, that one push that breaks the dam and lets the water flow. it’s that one moment that breaks them and makes them snap. That moment is important because that moment will be the core of their anger.

@RPers I hope these little tricks may help with your character.
I would love to hear other things you all do to make that villainous character.
And what it is you like about writing it.


Yes! The most important!!!


I loveeee writing villains.

And tip: not every villain needs to have a tragic past. Some villains are evil for the hell of it.


But even then there is often a reason for it. :wink:


And morals, i feel like some villains have some morals set in their minds, though these could be drastically different from the idea of real morals but they set some restrictions too, which makes them different from each other

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That’s also true.


Evil just for fun or rebels just for kicks

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Yeah! One of my RP villains (on Discord) is a villain solely because when he was younger, he decided to become evil just for the hell for it. Then ended up becoming more evil and a main villain.

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:eyes: definitely bookmarking