Talk about your cats!

I’m bored and I wanna talk about cats, so, this thread has been created.

I have some basic questions about these (hopefully) fury friends.

What breed are they?

What gender are they?

What do they look like? (pictures are welcomed)

What’s there name(s)

How old are they?


My cat's info/answers

I don’t specifically know what breed my two cats are, but I know that the female has Siamese in her.

I have a male and a female.

The male is all white with big yellow eyes and he is very lean. And the female is short, she is adorably chubby and has big blue eyes. She has white and cream colored fur.

(Stoli’s pics)

(Chloe’s pics)

The male’s name is Stoli, but I can him little man. And my lil girls name is Chloe.

Chloe is 8 years old, and Stoli is 3.


Let’s have a convo about cats. What’s your favorite breed, when did you get your cat(s) and what are there personalities?


My answers

I don’t have a favorite breed, there all adorable. I got Chloe when I was around 5 years old, and Stoli when I was I think 11-12. I will be naming there traits in the form of sims 4 cat traits lol.

So, Stoli is clever, curious, a free spirit, a glutton, mischievous, playful, a prowler, spoiled, and talkative.

Chloe, my dear Chloe, is clever, curious, fluffy, friendly, frisky, lazy, playful, a prowler, skittish, talkative, and sometimes territorial.








Awh hell yeah cats :cat:
I’m gonna post my cats info soon and I will do it as if I’m writing a dating profile for my cat. Cause why not?


Lol yesss

About me
I’m just a loveable cat that just craves attention so making homework before petting me for at least an hour is a MUST. In return I will give you the gift of dead flies near the windows, pretty good deal if I say so myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Likes: Long naps and red laser dots
Dislikes: Dieting and working out #realcatshavecurves

No hook ups :no_entry_sign::no_good_woman:

See more pics




Omg! Your cat is so pretty/handsome lol

I remember when I called my male cat pretty, and he gave me this look that screamed
‘D-did you really jus- run now.’

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Hahah thank you! She can be very photogenic :camera_flash: Though has gained a fair amount of weight through the years .Her body also kind of looks like loaf of bread when laying down.So she’s currently on a diet ……even though I have always loved fat cats

Are your cats active? How did you come up with their names?


They are both pretty active cause they take advantage of there big back yard (We have a wrap around fence and we put a calk walk on that so they hangout on that too) They climb the trees and roam the neighborhood lol.

Stoli already had his name from the shelter he was at and he had already figured out that Stoli was his name so we kept it, but we mostly call him little man :joy: And with Chloe, it just fit her personality. When I saw he at the shelter she kept rubbing on the glass only when I walked by so I fell in love with her.

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I added there pictures if anyone wanted to know what my babes look like :joy:

Mine is a black male cat and his name is Donnie. He is age 1 years and 9 months old


Omg I’m in love! I have seen your cat before, and he looks so fierce lol

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Hehe yes, he’s a gang leader of his cat crew :sweat_smile:


Ah yes I can tell :joy:

Is his fur silky? His fur texture looks like my male cat’s lol

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Mwah That’s adorable :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
My cat doesn’t go outside that much only at night sometimes, I think it might be because she once got caught in some kind of iron fence causing the left side of her skin to be ripped off. Ever since that tragedy, she became more of a housecat instead.

Have you ever been to a cat cafe? Cause if not you should totally go !

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Oof now I just imagine myself walking down a shady alleyway at night and encountering him and his crew of cats, trying to intimidate me :rofl:

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Oh noooo that sucks! Chloe has a scar on her left thigh from before we adopted her and she is really skittish so she probably relates to your babe a lot.

I’ve never been to a cat cafe before cause I don’t think there are any in Florida, but even if there were I probably wouldn’t be able to go cause I’m allergic to cats (and dogs) with long hair. And I wouldn’t want to support the cafe if it wasn’t taking care of the cats.

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Same :joy:

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Oh gosh, did you know what happened to her or not? Also, your cats look very similar are they from the same litter or do they just look alike? Ah and the allergy thing is unfortunate
I’m guessing you have developed some kind of resistance towards your own cats or are you taking meds? One of my friends also has a very light allergy to them, but she kind of deals with it since it isn’t that bad. I think in her case it also helped that she grew up with the cats since childhood.

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We have no clue how she got it, but we assume she was abused because she had a really bad fear of guys at one point.

They actually aren’t related! They look very similar but your able to tell the difference between them irl when you get to know them haha.

My allergy isn’t that bad, and since I grew up with cats, it’s really just the extra fluffy ones that trigger my allergies. I don’t take medication cause it’s not that bad lol, it’s probably comparable to your friends allergies. I only sneeze a bit lol

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