Tell About: Your Religion&Culture

Hello, everyone.
So, I have decided to open this topic, so you can tell about your religion and culture.

Important Notes:
A. Please NO politics.
B. Be respectful towards others. You don’t have to like my or somebody else’s religion and/or culture, but don’t come here and attack anyone. With all due respect, this is not a thread to spread hatred against religion and/or culture and its people.
C. Please avoid asking questions based on stereotypes.
D. If you want to talk about religions/culture, please do it respectfully. Be sensitive and careful with your words when you discuss about religions/cultures and do not treat them as if they are “subjects” to discuss.

I sincerely hope that this thread will help, inspire and encourage you. In addition, you can learn something about the other’s religion and culture, so it can be helpful if you want to create a character that is a co-religion of someone else.


I will start:

So, I was born into an Ethiopian-Jewish family :star_of_david::star_of_david:, who is a part of Bet Israel community (most of other people say “Beta Israel”). My mother and father and so their families immigrated to Israel - most of my family members immigrated on Operation Solomon (expect my grandfather and some relatives, who came through Sudan on Operation Moses). My family is traditional-religious, but I don’t define myself as neither religious nor secular (even though I keep Shabbat, kashrut etc.).

I believe every person deserves to be respected regardless of his religion, culture or beliefs and no one should judge him for this. I respect every person as human being. I like to learn about others’ religion and culture, including their beliefs and worldviews.

I feel a very special and deep connection to my religion, so even if people threatened me to convert my religion, I would never convert it. And I feel grateful and proud to be a Jew.
I see my religion not only as a one, but also as a part of my ethnic identity.

I like the people in Israel, because they are unique, warm, welcoming, caring and nice people. I am not gonna lie - I have come across idiots in my life :sweat::roll_eyes:, and people used to think that I was a Christian and questioned me about my religion :woman_facepalming:t4::sweat_smile:. (I don’t have any problems with Christians!) And yeah, there are some Israelis who can be rude sometimes, but that rudeness of theirs is not always coming from a negative place.

I believe that anything that is happening to us is only for good :smiley:.


I personally think that you’re immediately and inevitably going to get political when talking about culture and heritage due to those being the basis behind most societies and their relationships with each other, but I’ll try.

I’m Scottish, and most stereotypes are pretty true tbh. We are pretty rough for the most part, a lot of people can’t handle how honest and blunt I and my family, friends, neighbours are. Most of us love haggis, irn bru and fried food especially. We deep-fry everything, honestly. Even Mars bars and malteasers, lol.

My culture means a lot to me, and a large part of my culture and the culture of my country as a whole is immigration and cultural integration. The Irish being a nice example. There was a lot of friction, and some people still have issues here and there, but for the most part you don’t see anyone fear mongering about the Irish.

I don’t like haggis. I love fried food, irn bru is great. I quite like bagpipe music? Usually in tandem with other instruments though, and I absolutely adore wearing a kilt. If I could get away with wearing one more I definitely would


I am not trying to get political by creating this thread, and in my opinion, not everything connected to religion or culture is always political. But, I totally get what do you mean and I respect it. Just want you to know, getting into politics is definitely not this thread’s purpose, but to learn about the other’s culture and/or religion.

By the way, it sounds interesting.


Some people just can’t handle other people with a honest attitude :unamused:


My culture isn’t that interesting. My great-grandmother’s Sri Lankan, the rest of my family are mainly from England, then moved to Australia where I was born. :orange_heart:

I’m Christian, Methodist. I go to church, pray and celebrate Christmas and Easter, etc. but nothing out of the ordinary. :yellow_heart::sparkling_heart::gift_heart:


My whole family are Baptist’s but at the moment under the house I live in we don’t go by any denomination. We’re just Christians. We believe that Jesus is the son of God and died on the cross for our sins and rose again on the third day. Also if that never happened everyone no matter what would be going to hell. We follow the KJV bible because that’s the true one and it doesn’t have missing scriptures like other versions. We don’t go to huge church buildings anymore either. My parents are really strict especially my mom but in my opinion I believe it’s okay to have a tight but long leash. I find no harm in that but that’s how thangs go here at my place. We follow the bible and try to live by it as best as possible.


I think I’m non-religious? I’m not sure what mine would be defined as. I do believe in an after life, but I don’t like to think about there being a certain god ruling over it all. I don’t really think about a god, for me, that part I will just find out when I die. I believe in angels and guardians, and that we each have a special guardian watching over our lives. I believe that we planned out our lives, - well, the bigger picture of it all. (If there is a name for this please let me know lol)

I think I believe what I believe because of what I have seen and experienced. I believe in ghosts and the after life because I believe I have seen them. I don’t believe anything I don’t want to believe in, and I’m not afraid of dying. I am afraid of the painful aspect of it all, but I believe that there is something waiting for me. I don’t really like the idea of one thing ruling over everything else, as loving as that god/person is- just don’t like the idea of it, so I don’t really like to think about a god.

I don’t believe in sins, I believe that we all go to heaven, because there was meant to be bad people in the world, so the bad people would go to heaven too.

I try to love and respect all religions and beliefs (unless the religion involves a lot of hate and violence or something) and don’t really care about beliefs when picking my friends.

I also like to believe that there is something for any religion out there- and that you’ll die the way you believe you’ll die. I like to believe that because I don’t like thinking anyone is “wrong” about their beliefs.

If anybody believes in ghosts- PM me! I love to talk about what I believe in and believe I experience!


I’ll ask you like this - were you born into a Jewish/Christian/Muslim/other (religion) family?

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I’m a Sunni Muslim and Ghanaian. Both of my parents are from Ghana, so we’re extra traditional.

We celebrate:

  • Ramadan
  • Both Eid holidays
  • Birthdays
  • We don’t truly observe this… It’s a part of being in America, but Halloween and Thanksgiving as well. I don’t like Thanksgiving though

We follow the words of Prophet Muhammad, who was the last Prophet. We also read the Qur’an and study Arabic at Islamic school.

Due to culture factoring into my life, most of the rules I live by would be considered patriarchal. We are monotheistic.

I would like to observe Muharram one day…


Same here.

I have a question:
One of the things that I learnt about Muslims is the halal and haram together with it. I know that like us Jews, you can’t eat pig, wild animals…
So my question to you is: if you already can’t eat pig, for instance, then can you eat anything made of its milk?

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Pig… Milk?

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I forgot to name what holidays do we celebrate. :sweat_smile::sweat:
So, we celebrate:

  • every week: Shabbat (Saturday in Hebrew)

  • Rosh Ha’Shana (the new year in the Jewish/Hebrew calender)

  • Yom Kippur (we are fasting 1 day and a half)

  • Sukkot (one of the Three Pilgrimage Festivals, or in Hebrew “Shalosh Regalim”)

  • Simchat Torah

  • Hannukah

  • Tu Bi’Shvat (the 15th of Shvat)

  • Purim

  • Passover

  • Sefira

  • Shavuot

Note: we have 6 fasts a year. 4 are minors and 2 are majority (one of them is Yom Kippur)

Ethnic holiday: Sigd (Prostration) - we Ethiopians celebrate sigd 50 days after Yom Kippur. We fast from the morning 'till noon.

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I mean, drinking pig’s milk is halal or haram? (If a pig is haram, then it means that you cannot drink or eat anything made by its milk either?)

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Can you please tell me what haggis and irn bru are🤔? (I just have never heard about them)

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Haggis is a Scottish dish made from a lamb’s heart wrapped in a sheep’s stomach. It’s really not all that good. Lots of people really like it, and I get its traditional but god it’s bad.

Oh, we had the English convinced for years that a haggis is a little hairy monster that lives on hills. It has one leg shorter than the other so it can run around the top of them. Great stuff.

Irn bru is a (heavily) carbonated soft drink that has a distinctly orange colour. Hence the slang we used to use, a bottle of ginger :grin: Most people outside of the UK or even just Scotland I know who try it can’t really take how fizzy it is, it’s funny.


:fearful::scream: (I respond like that because I don’t eat meat and chicken, so…)

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Kinda reminds me of Spring (an Israeli drink). :blush::grin:

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I was baptized catholic as a baby- but I don’t go to church or anything like that, and I don’t really know anything about being catholic

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So, you just don’t define yourself as a Christian at all? :thinking: (since you’ve said that you are non-religious (?) )

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