The Amazing Race SG - Signups

The Amazing Race - SG

Based on the American tv show

The Amazing Race, the show where ten pairs of contestants race around the world to win $1million. The race is split into legs, and after completing tasks within a foreign city, the contestants race to the Pit Stop, where the last team to arrive may be eliminated. When there are only three teams remaining, the contestants return to an American city for the final leg, where the first team to arrive at the finish line wins the million dollar prize.

For this SG, the characters will begin the race as pairs of individuals who already know each other, whether they are family, a couple, or even friends. I recommend partnering with someone to create a pair of characters together. However, I won’t stop you from making a pair of characters by yourself. And if there is enough people who would like to make characters who don’t know anyone, I may allow for it.

I will write out each leg of the race in parts, asking questions at the end of each part (and occasionally as I write a part) for you to determine what choices your characters will make during the race. I will create a pm with the owner/s of the characters in a pair for certain questions/tasks that others should not see.

Depending on the amount of interest, there is a chance that some characters may not make it into the SG. To ensure your character/s making it into the SG and to increase the chance of your character/s winning, give them plenty of detail when you create them.

Please reserve before signing up, and let me know whenever you submit.

Reserve List: Link
Signups: Link
Faceclaims: Link

@CrazyCaliope @BananasAreBerries @sunflower.flow @melancholy @Megan @Daunt @benitz786 @idiot.exe
@CerealKiller @BlackBlood @Xx_Alyssa_xX @unsungcheerio @wishh.writes


Could I reserve a female? :banana::sparkles:

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Yes you can!

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Can I reserve a female character?

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You sure can!

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Reserve List:

Reserves/characters listed here already are paired together.

1 Female - @CerealKiller - submitted
1 Male - @CrazyCaliope - submitted

1 Male - @unsungcheerio - submitted
1 Trans-Female - @CrazyCaliope - submitted

1 Female - @Quinn
1 Female - @Littlefeets

1 Female - @passionfruit
1 Male - @BrookieK

1 Male - @Secretz
1 Female - @sunflower.flow

Currently the reserves/characters listed below are not known to have a teammate:
1 Female - @wishh.writes
1 Female - @Eccentric
1 Female - @ThePoeticRaven
1 Female - @BananasAreBerries
1 Female - @Yomama
1 Male - @Yomama


Can I reverse a Male?

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Reserve male

@Littlefeets scrap that I want a female instead

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reserve a male

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Yep, yep, yep.


oh yeah someone wants to make a teammate with me, then just pm me or lmk or whatever lol I don’t really care who you are

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I really want to join this, 'cause you know me. I love me an SG, I just can’t help myself.

Sooo… anyone want a team mate of some kind?




Alright then.


BAHAHA! Okay then. Sounds like a plan.

Brooke, love, how many characters are we allowed?


I’d prefer for everyone to have no more than 2, but I will allow for as many as 3 if they are well developed.

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Cool. I was just wondering if I was allowed two. I know I read the OP yesterday but I forgot if I read it or not. Sorry. Can I have two please?

Anyone else want to create a pairing with me for my second character?


Yes you can! I can’t wait to see your characters, and I hope I’ll be able to do them justice.

No worries, I was actually just thinking about it, realizing I didn’t mention that in the first post


Oooh I’m gonna grab that teammate if you don’t mind :wink:


YAY! Thank you. … HAHA! I’m sure you’ll do a great job. (wink)

Oh, I didn’t forget then. Woop!

Why would I mind? HEHE! I wasn’t secretly hoping you’d see this at all. (wink)