The Art of Using Big Words Properly

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Big words can really turn readers off if you don’t use them well. Find out how to slip them in seamlessly!


Fun bit of trivia, the image for this post was the very first time I drew who would later become the ShanniiWrites mascot, the Author!

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“I find that I am also guilty of subconsciously turning to big words when I’m debating with someone who doesn’t seem to understand basic common sense . It’s a stuck-up, educated person’s way of saying “I know way more than you do. You’re beneath me.” It’s bad, I know. I need to work on it.”

I might be guilty of this too, subconsciously, but I do think sometimes “big” words describe certain situations with more nuance than a simplistic synonym could.

“ One of the reasons many people I know feel particularly apathetic about politics is because politicians make it seem like politics is above them, inaccessible to the “common people”, something that we can only pretend to understand. It’s a way of making sure they keep control: if they were too transparent with their language, we would quickly catch on to the shady crap that they’re up to and make sure we don’t vote for them again. They would have to make sure they’re actually doing well , God forbid!”
I disagree with this since the current American administration barely uses any $5 dollar words and yet somehow is able to conceal his shadiness from many people. But there definitely are many things at play here of course. Also i only think that because I’m a pinko lefty commie who prefers to have someone in office that I think is smart rather than just dumb enough to fail upwards haha

But I digress, I think there’s a lot of useful stuff in there that makes sense to think about when writing/editing!


This blog post was really interesting to see! The point at the end about making sure you understood the words really stood out to me because I have seen people do the opposite. Looking up a word in a thesaurus might make something sound more impressive, but a thesaurus also doesn’t tell you the whole story about the word’s connotation. While words do change over time, they tend to have a conventional usage and using words outside of that can make the piece harder to understand for everyone reading it. It was also interesting to see your commentary on people using large words to hide their meaning, since I’d never really thought about that before!

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