The Beginning of Rebirth ~ Official Roleplay

Hey, so quick summary.

A few of us RPers still need closure since we’re still kind of hurting with our years of work deleted like that from Episode. So this is for all RPers, new and old like where we’ll take out our retired characters and show you a little more about them~

Setting: Wherever

It’s a bright and sunny Wensday morning for all the characters, chilling, hanging, doing whatever when their settings start to fade away. Their world is slowly destroying and ass they began to fade away, they take a trip down into their deepest and darkest memories hopes and dreams. Some of them experience this in groups, others alone and some in pairs. Some of them take a trip to what could’ve been if there home wasn’t some brutally destroyed, but all of them make it to the end- the new future with a beautiful ending.

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(You don’t need to sign-up or anything, just bring your characters out of the closet and show us a little bit of them~)


trying to be creative and think of something, yet failing :sob:


Arie Tanner Philopater

~ A - List RP owned by @Summerlush on Episode, my very first role-play. ~

“Tip-toes up ladies! Extend your arms- yes, like that. C’mon ladies, quicker- with a little more grace! Excellent ladies!” Sweat beaded on Arie’s forehead as she joined her class in striving to the perfect ballet class their instructor wanted them to be. Suddenly as she finished a pirouette it seemed her dance studio was slowly fading away. She quickly blinked her eyes but it still began to fade, as if turning to sand and being blown into the wind. Arie stopped suddenly and paused, what replaced her dance studio was a world of white brightness. She paused quickly when a single diamond hovered before floating in front of her, falling into her palm. She frowned as she stared at it, it gleamed in the ever-glowing light of the strange world. She looked around, finding nothing but white brightness. It glowed before brillantly exploding into a thousand shards, swallowing the whiteness with all sorts of color.

Arie opened her eyes to see the city streets of Chicago around her, soft tones playing around her. She looked around, before looking down at herself, perfectly fine and in a usual everyday outfit instead of her ballet outfit. It seems so familiar. Arie thought to herself when she heard a familiar voice - her own. Younger, brighter, to her shock she saw a younger version run through her. She started but the girl payed no heed, not noticing the ghost staring at her. Young Arie watched with wide eyes as the dancers began to begin their graceful dance, moving like swans in the water.

This is me… Arie thought to herself as she watched as she saw what made her love dance. She touched her younger self’s shoulder but her hand went through it. She sharply pulled it back, clutching her hand to her chest. What the hell…? The diamond hovered in front of her again, Arie stared it. Once again it exploded into millions of shining shards.



:eyes: Just write whatever comes to mind.

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so basically a roleplay with characters episode deleted?

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yep :eyes: or characters just going down memory lane lol it’s really just anything

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i lost the fc for my first ro character aspen- sooo lemme just find a new one~

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Here’s the first of these posts that I’m going to do.

Kylie “Kyle” Tanner & Jake Tanner

From the Westridge Academy RP

Time passed and eventually the time at Westridge academy ended for both Tanner siblings. It seemed like in an instant Jake had graduated from the school, and shortly after it was the graduation of Kylie, at least in their parents eyes. They saw their daughter that they no longer understood graduate from the school, while Jake saw his younger sibling finally begin to feel free. It was at that academy where Kyle finally began to feel accepted at sixteen. The beginning of that school year may as well have been a dream. It changed everything. Now was finally a new beginning. After officially being rejected and cast out of the family, Kyle only had Jake. Jake held onto Kyle’s hand tightly with a slightly worried smile, as he walked down the hall. “Part of you is going to miss having a little sister, isn’t it?”
“A little, but a brother is going to be better, even if you’re going to fashion school.”
“Thank you Jake, you’re the best brother.”
“No Kyle, you are.” It may have been the end of Jake and his sister Kylie, but it was just the beginning for Kyle.




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:broken_heart: Ahhhh, I loved this sm!

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Thanks, when you made this thread I knew I had to write that post. Kylie/Kyle was the first transgender character I ever made so I knew exactly what I wanted to write

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Just adding a couple tags to the thread.

I’ll hopefully add more character scenes before long.

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Hey, is this still continuing?

Not really oof

I’ve still got a couple scenes I’m planning to write here… I just haven’t gotten around to it…

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Oh! Nevermind then @eclipseis

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I have a checklist for them, but haven’t written them…

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:eyes: Maybe work 15 minutes every day on them if you feel like you don’t have enough time. Eventually that adds up.

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True. I’ve got so many scenes to write between these and scenes from the past for CHB and FTD…

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