The Blur Game ✨

The Blur Game

Hello! :wave::rose::two_hearts:

In this game you have to guess what’s written in the blurred text, without clicking on it. :rose::two_hearts:

~ Example ~

@One: I love pasta.
@Two: I love pizza? I’m tired.
@Three: I’m tired? Trees are pink and purple.

If you’re not sure how to blur text, just click the gear (next to the calendar) and click on Blur Spoiler :smiley::rose::two_hearts:

I’ll start! :rose::two_hearts:

I’m procrastinating on homework.


I’m procrastinating on homework

I’m happy!

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I’m happy

spicy noodles

Spicy noodles?

I’m going to eat something

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I’m going to eat something?

Maybe i’ll fail my test

Maybe lit full my host? :eyes::green_heart::no_mouth:

Ducks are cute! Quack quack!

Quack quack

Wonder who the traitor is in CHB


Wonder who the tractor is it CHR?

I really like watching shows and movies!!

I really like shows and movies?

Stuck in Lockdown

Work is unbelievable? :eyes::sparkles:

This text will be blurred

This text be hidden

This text will be hidden

This text will be blurred

Join the poll battle!

Join the poll battle?

Raven keeps switching with me :sob:

Random keeps switching with me?

I’m pregnant again

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im pregnant again?

u look like ma foot

U look like a food?


Who ate my cookies

Who ate my cookies?

You’re the sunflower

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You’re the sunflower?

Cats are worse than dogs

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I’m illegally blind, why am I doing this. :moyai:
I’m an apple the tree?

Eat beans for clear skin

EDIT: I was so off I was in orbit.