The Cliche Machine!

Credits to LumTwo on the episode forums for the idea! So I just saw this thread has been closed on the episode forums and that saddened me cuz this was one of my favourite threads! So I thought why not recreate it here?

Okay! These are the rules:
♤ You have to create a title as absurdly cliche as you can. Remember that the most popular stories on Episode are related to bad boys, gangs and pregnancies.
♤ The person below you will have to write a brief summary based on what you said. It MUST be a cliché! Then, they’ll have to say a title again, etcetera.


My Little bad Boy

You are a teacher who falls for her student. Not a normal student, that student is the baddest boy in that school. What happens when you end up sleeping with your little bad boy?

Next title: Pregnant by my twin’s best friend’s dad’s brother’s wife’s ex boyfriend.

My title: Pregnant by my enemy!


Pregaanannanananant by my enemy

You’re [insert name], dudette who’s the best Mafia shooter, and best slut undercover agent.
He’s part of the enemy gang. What happens when you go undercover and hook up with him?

My title: My best friend’s dad’s mom’s sister’s husband’s cousins’ little brother’s friend’s girlfriend’s daughter got me pregnant


Blobishagan get’s pregnant with a bad girl instead but she turned out to be a boy skskkskksksksk and then they lived happily ever after AND Blobishagan got pregnant when she was 6

My title: Pregnant by the Bad Boy who turns out to be a teacher and turns out to be VAMPIRE AND WEREWOLF and your roomate


Children. Cannot. GIVE. CONSENT


After her drama last year at school where she got pregnant by a vampire, she is surprised to be suddenly pregnant by the bad boy teacher vampire who is also a werewolf.

Title: Accidentally Pregnant By My Mafia Sugar Daddy


Maria was so done with studying and part time jobs, she decided to become a sugar baby to fulfill her needs! She was planning to rob her sugar daddy but she got caught! Turns out her sugar daddy is a mafia leader! :scream: What will he do with her now?! Things get crazier when he finds out Maria’s pregnant with his child!

Next title: My vampire gang leader neighbour


Sarah is a new girl and found a hottie vampire next door and he sucks out peeps blood. She finds out about it and loves that he sucks peeps blood. She pregnant by him and lived happily ever after.

Title: Pregant by my teacher

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You, the school nerd, are a clueless person. One day she gets a makeover by her fashionable cousin and everyone’s all over her, but her teacher wins her over. She gets pregnant but they don’t realise she’s pregnant until she’s in labour XD

Title: Falling for the Vampire Mafia Italian Gang Leader Teacher


Falling for the Vampire Mafia Italian Gang Leader Teacher:

You’re in love with your neighbour but things change when you get kidnapped by your handsome teacher! He may be your kidnapper and an Italian gang leader but he’s hot, tall aand everything a girl could wish for! What happens when you find out he’s also vampire?! Will you have his vampire babies?! Or will you go back to your neighbour?!

Next: It starts with a bed!


A bad boy next door is a hottie lol. And you like a new girl and very typical lol. She tries to resist the bad boy BUT she can’t. Will she have a good time in bed with him or the bad boy gonna go to jail cuz of incest :grimacing:

Title: The Chosen One

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The Chosen One

MC had a perfectly normal life that was flipped upside down the day they realized they had powers and a destiny to fufill. Love, betrayal, and so much cliche, The Chosen One is a story to forget.

Title name: My Mafia Lover

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Kidnapped by a hot and sexy mafia? Don’t worry! Use your seductive powers to make him yours!!!

Pregnant by my Teacher’s Son’s Uncle’s Brother!!!

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One day, your teacher’s son comes to your school. You get to know him more and then meet his uncle, who shows you their brother. Hundreds of lies and years of lust await as you fall for this old man. :joy::heart:

Next Title: The bad boy stole my panties!!


New hot neighbor that happens to be a bad boy that breaks the law by breaking and entering, and stealing panties? Sign. Me. Up!!

Title: Kidnapped In Love


Kidnapped In Love
Life has always been a bore for Lisa. No adventure, strict parents- and an annoying boyfriend- ugh, Andy!. Lisa a strong woman and don’t need no man! Until she is suddenly kidnapped by a hot, steamy stranger. Things go awry when she finds herself falling for him. She thinks she can escape- but does she really want to?

Next Title: Mated To My Step Brother

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mated to my step brother:smirk:
You thought you’d be an only child forever! But once your mom introduces you to your new hawwt step brother…let’s just say it’s not pg anymore

Next tittle: Young Mommy


Welcome! :grin::heart:

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Thank you😁


Title: Young Mommy

Kate has always been a goody two shoes living an ordinary life, what happens when she wakes up after a one night stand with the bad boy?? || limited CC ||

Next title: Falling for bad boy who is my stepbrother…?


Falling for the bad boy who is my stepbrother…?

MC’s in love with the bad boy at school. He’s so dreamy and hot. What happens when he becomes your stepbrother?

Title: Bad Boy, Bad Love