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I’ve been kicking around this idea of Bridgerton meets superpowers…:sweat_smile:

So far I have a meteor that breaks up into four parts upon entering the atmosphere and each one lands in a different place which gives different powers.

The first group, Court de Mente is those with psychic powers: Telekinesis, Telepathy, Technopathy, etc. They excel at court politics as well as espionage and are naturally gifted thinkers and scholars. Outside of their own province, they are in high demand as advisors and war strategists.

The second group, Court de Magie (magic in French) is those with magical abilities: Evocation, Necromancy, Abjuration, Divination, Conjuration, etc. The meteor fragment that landed here gave it’s people the ability to connect to the once dormant energy that runs through the Earth and allow them to draw on that energy in the form of magic. People here are usually connected to one specific branch of magic but can usually use one or two “spells” from one of the others as a secondary.

The third group, Court Affluent, is by far the richest of the four provinces. This province was given the powers of manipulation, they could manipulate the physical world and its properties. Powers here range from waterbreathing to matter transmutation (like turning lead into gold…:wink:) They are in high demand as builders, manual labor, and of course treasurers.

The fourth province, Court Vigor is those gifted powers relating to physiology. They are excellent warriors as they can give themselves traits of beasts or even transform into them. Also in this province are those whose own physiology was enhanced (5 senses, turning their skin to steel, etc)

I thought it would be interesting given the time period as well as the romance angle. I would like to do a series kind of thing since I don’t actually have a plot yet… (:sweat_smile:) “Season 1” would be about getting to know the characters and it’ll end when they all get married (just like in Bridgerton. Preferable age late teens early 20’s). Then season two could be about a civil war or whatever. Basically your choices matter: If you don’t want your character to get blackmailed (for example), then don’t do anything scandalous. Remember this is the social season, all eyes will be on you…

A word of advice: Maybe your family needs money, maybe they need status, or maybe they want someone who could protect your char, someone whose educated, etc. There’s a reason the Courts are the way they are… :eyes:

Character form:

Age: (preferably 17-25)
Court: (Which of the four provinces is your character from or sponsored by)
Limitation: This is where you will put a limitation of your power. THIS IS NOT A WEAKNESS! If there are to be fights for honor (:smirk:) then I want you/your character to come up with a way to beat them that makes sense given the power.
Rumors: 2 minimum (Instead of a “Lady Whistledown” to influence things, I decided to change it to societal rumors people may have heard (or made up) about your character that might influence their ability to get a good match. I would like at least two with one of them being true just not confirmed; however, you can have more but if you do then more than one must be true.)
Likes: 3+
Dislikes: 3+
Skills: This is what your character can do outside of their power that may give them that little extra edge over someone with a similar power. (Play a musical instrument, Fence, Dance, sing, Speak multiple languages, etc.)

Also I would like your character to have one Secret, one that if it got out will significantly damage your character’s rep and possibly make them ineligible until next season if ever.

Example char

Name: Renee Argent
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Court: Court Affluent
Power: Silver Transmutation
Limitation: Can only turn thread into pure silver.

  • Renee is not one of Lady Argent’s daughters but is actually adopted.
  • She had a husband who died in the war.
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Bio: The mysterious daughter of the illustrious and wealthy Lady Argent was thought to be already married explaining her absence from the last social season, that is until she has suddenly reemerged into this social season full of grace and beauty that one wouldn’t dare suggest aloud that she is not of Argent bloodline. Although with this sudden reemergence coupled with another rumor, people have speculated that given the rather unfortunate event that was the alleged death of her youngest and last daughter under mysterious circumstances, that Lady Argent, hoping to save face, adopted a baby to replace her own and raised her to avoid a scandal. Of course, it is understandable how one might think that as no one outside of the family estate has ever seen her face at least not until the announcement of her debut in this year’s social season…
    Likes: sewing, baguettes, horses
    Dislikes: any question about her past (subtle or not), dogs, feeling trapped
    Skills: sewing, French, horseback riding


If there are any questions please ask and I’ll try to answer as best I can.

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I’ll try joining :smirk:



I’ll start making my character

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This is cool im starting a character

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I really hope I get to have time for this

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Oooh yes. Do I necessarily have the time, no, but I definitely want to join

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Are we allowed to make males as well right? Not just females?
Just asking to be sure since there’s not a place for that in the signup form

Also added some tags to the thread


Yes, of course! My bad!



No worries! I just wanted to make sure before I get to writing out my guy’s information!
I’ve done the same thing in a signup form before


but…I’ve never watched bridgerton :pleading_face:

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Inspired by Bridgerton. You’ll be fine having never seen it.


‘O’ I want to be someone from the third court who just discovered her powers and is trying to find someone to help her control them while she is freaking out

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Thanks, cookie!

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Okay, so I have a question … I while ago I made a regency soldier for a RP that never started and I was sooo proud of him but never got to use him … Could I tweak a fewthings and bring him here?


Bridgeton is basically Jane Austen with a whole lot of s3ggs. Season 1 is too seggsual for me, but Season 2 has just the right amount of spice there and I suggest you check it out, but not to quit on it completely because it gets better

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ADVICE?! Ha! Who needs advice when you’re me /j


Is there no personality? Or do we write that under the bio?


Wait, you mean to tell me that it’s based on the plot of Bridgerton, but it’s not set in the Regency Era or Victorian Era?


Me over here having the biggest indecision imaginable for the courts


Me too Cad there are so many good options